Lucky.ie is a site dedicated to online gambling. It’s an ongoing competition between two Irish lads Sean MacEntee and Enda, who are both interested in sport and online gambling. We were both using Betfair and were regularly discussing what we were betting on by email so we decided to compete against each to see if we could make it as online gamblers.


(enda on left, sean on right)

We don’t claim to be professional gamblers or tipping experts, although we’d like to eventually be both ;-) This is just a fun venture into the world of online gambling where we publicly reveal what we’ve bet on and how much money we’ve made or lost each month. You can check out the rules of our competition here and please feel free to drop us a comment or contact us if you have any questions, ideas or even betting tips. On this journey, we’ll be showing you how we place our bets, how we’re looking around for the best value bets and much more….

You’ll see from our monthly bankroll that we’re not going to go broke while competing against each other (we initially have a €20 monthly budget). As we say it’s a fun look at gambling and we hope to try and prove that we can win by betting online. If we can do this consistently, we may increase our monthly bankroll. Keep checking back on the site or subscribe to our RSS Feed (it allows you to receive updates on this site by email) as we’ll be running competitions and other offers on here from time to time.

*************** Disclaimer ***************
Follow our tips at you’re peril… !