The Rules

Our rules are simple:

  • At the start of every new month, each player starts out fresh with €25 in our betting kitty (split €20 on Betfair and €5 on PaddyPower). If we win there’s no roll over, we can either leave the money on our account or withdraw it. This means both of us have an equal chance of grabbing bragging rights each month.
  • Each player must bet the full €25 every month. If we win we can bet as much of the winnings that we like before the end of the month to try and increase our bankroll.
  • Money accumulated can be transferred between Betfair and Paddy as the player sees fit.
  • Any day that either of us places any bets, we must recap on these bets in a blog post on this site. We agree to fully disclose all win and losses to each other and to our readers!
  • Initially, each player can bet on any market available on or (we’ll be adding more sites later if we see better value). We can back or lay, bet on horses, football, golf, tennis, reality tv, politics and whatever else is available. If it’s on Betfair/Paddy it’s fair game. We can also play poker or visit the Betfair casino just as long as we record all the results and make them available to each other and our readers.