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lost a bit last night

September 9th, 2009

It could have been another good night, but it wasn’t to be. First of all, i thought about laying Andy Murray in his match against Cilic in the US Open. I felt it was getting to the stages where he just can’t justify his odds…

I think he was about 1.09 to win or something like that. I had intended laying the crap out of him like i’d done a couple of weeks ago, but i didn’t think he’d lose the match, so that’s why i held off.

I was going out and knew i’d miss the first set or two so i felt that would be no good to me in terms of trading, so i didn’t bet and needless to say i was angry with myself.

bets sep 9th

I did bet on Ireland again though. This time, betting against them at half time. Ireland are never comfortable with a lead against ANYONE so it was worth the risk. I layed €20 against them at 1.33, meaning i’d lose over €6 if they held on to win.

They did win and i lost my money. On a sidenote, South Africa are one of the poorest host nations i’ve ever seen so i’ll probably be laying them every match they play next summer in the world cup as home advantage will probably distort their odds.

So i slipped under the €50 mark last night, but i played a bit of poker in college to win some back plus i finally got that promotional €5 credited to my account so i close the day with a balance of €56.56 on betfair (€60.73 overall).

So a loss, but nothing huge – i said i wouldn’t be taking massive risks and i’ve stuck by it. I can still afford to lose a good bit and not really get worried. For the sake of entertainment, i probably will continue to gamble but with caution. I’ll be happy just to beat last month’s total as i’m pretty sure it will be good enough to seal victory yet again for me this month!

2nd accumulator for sean

September 6th, 2009

These accumulators are good fun, but i’m still very sceptical about how profitable they are. For me, it’s always best to keep it simple and bet on one event at a time. That said, surely my accumulator today can’t fail…


I’ve backed Nadal, Serena Williams and Venus/Serena in a doubles match which all take place today (in the US open). Bet €1, get €1.17 back. Very low risk, but it will still be profit if it comes in. I’ll be happy to break even in these accumulators and then do the real damage on single events with betfair :mrgreen:

successful rescue yet again

August 23rd, 2009

I’ve a habit of losing money, then winning more instantly. It happened again yesterday.

aug 22nd bets

I backed Utd to beat wigan… €10 on odds of 1.65. I won €6.50. However…. i also layed against 9 corners or less. There was 8 in the match, meaning i lost €11.25.

So overall, i was down €4.75 for the day. I won €1.50 on a falkirk / hibs scottish match and i was feeling confident again so i backed over 2.5 goals in an ipswich / west brom match. At half time, it was 1-1 and i decided to stick with my bet.

The match finished 1-1 so now i was in trouble. In total, i’d lost €8.50. I turned to tennis.

Andy Murray went in as favourite against Roger Federer in their Cincinnati Masters match. Rather strange i thought, but i wasn’t complaining as i was confident federer would take him easily. He did… Federer won in straight sets.

In total, i backed federer with €10 at 2.08 and another €5 at 1.96. After he won the first set, i layed off a bit to profit a total of €11.25.

So that left me at +€2.75 for the day. My balance is now €37.43. It isn’t enough to protect my no.1 spot though.

Enda is now past the €40 mark for the first time. It’s incredible how he’s managed to win so much by betting so little. I’ll be expecting to pull away from him this week though. This will be our last full week in august, so we’ll both have to go for it and keep a close eye on each other’s progress. At the minute, it’s looking like a balance of €50+ will be required to seal victory, but that can all change with one big win or loss.

Back in to the lead

August 22nd, 2009

You guys just never learn, do you ;-) It seems Enda is running away with this poll, but that just gives me even more motivation to beat him this month.

Who's your money on for August?

  • Enda (59%, 20 Votes)
  • Sean (41%, 14 Votes)

Total Voters: 34

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Yesterday, not for the first time, i threatened to put this beyond Enda… i had layed andy murray with €65 at the start of the match. I’d win €65 if he lost, i’d lose €3 if he won. Not a bad little lay.

august 21st bets

Murray lost the first set, so i was in a great position. I green out for a minimum €5 profit no matter who won. Murray eventually fought back and won but had he lost i would have been up by about €25 which would have surely been enough to seal victory for August.

I placed a few more bets on tennis matches and finished the day on €35.60. 60c ahead of Enda and back in to the lead. So once again my ability to make a comeback has shone through. Yesterday, my balance was down to an all time low of €14.95, but i’ve managed to beef it up by €20 in 24 hours.

There’s no doubt about it, i bet better when i lose big and when i’m under pressure to win. I do feel i’m getting smarter with my bets though. I’ve now placed over €600 worth of bets compared to Enda’s €65.

But the amount bet doesn’t matter… the only figure that matters is the balance and once again, i’m in the lead!

new high balance record

August 7th, 2009

Last night i gambled big again and lost. Or so i thought ;-) I had backed a loser. I backed Lleyton Hewitt to win against Juan Martin Del Potro and once it became clear he was going to lose, i cut my losses and shaved a couple of cents off my loss by backing favourite Del Porto. So at this stage, i’d lose €1.60+ no matter who won.

tennis aug 7th

I moved on to Maria Sharapova’s match and put €3 on her to win. At times, it looked like i’d lose that too…

Not a good night… i was not looking forward to posting here explaining my losses… it could have been €5 down the drain.

But then i noticed (when looking at other bets) on the betfair forum, the Hewitt match was still active… (i’d switched off when del porto was 1.01 to win!).

I’d already lost at least €1.50 on this match but it was now back in play and so i was faced with a tough decision… do i risk more to win back my money or do i accept my loss and move on?

I waited until it went to a tie break and then backed Del Potro to win (remember earlier in the match i’d backed him to lose so this was a big decision as Hewitt was now the favourite). He ended up crushing hewitt in the tie break 7-2!

So i called it good and managed not only to win back my losses, but come out with a profit! Sharapova also came good so i finished the night with a balance of €28.10.

€28 betfair balance

It might appear to people reading this that i’m incredibly reckless with my bets, especially when i appear to be in a losing position…

But twice now i’ve managed to bet my way out of big losses. I took a €7.36 hit on the Celtic match a couple of nights ago yet i find myself sitting on an all time high balance of €28.10 today – less than 48 hours after i lost that €7.36.

Could this current total be enough to seal victory for August? Looking at Enda’s progress over the past week, you’d have to say yes.

p.s. cheers for the post on your tennis betting yesterday Enda – that’s what prompted me to have a look at the matches myself ;-)

Win in LA Championship Tennis

August 6th, 2009

I had a ‘massive’ bet by my standards of €2.98 today. Jeez I’ve lost the run of myself all together! I was looking at a 3rd round ladies tennis match in the LA Championship between Anna Chakvetadze (world ranking 54) and Agnieszka Radwanska (world ranking 13). I saw that Radwanska was 4-1 up in the first set and was trading pretty low at 1.17, I had a look at the form of both players and although Chakvetadze was 2-0 up in the previous head to heads between these two, Radwanska has had a considerably better run over the last 5 tournaments, reaching the Quarter Finals of Wimbledon during this period. I backed Radwanska to win the match and profited €0.51. I came through with a win here but in hindsight I might have been a bit hasty here and could have got better odds on Radwanska, a 17% return wasn’t brilliant and if I’d have waited another few minutes I could have nearly doubled this as the match went back to 4-4 games each in the same set. Ah well, a win is a win and I’ll try not to rush in as much next time.


On top of this I had another sneaky bet of 18 cents at big odds (which I’ll come back to later along with my first bet this week of 15c). Sean has been pretty open with his bets and publicly came out yesterday and nearly convinced me to lay Celtic with this post, but I’d prefer to keep stum with the kind of bets I’ve been looking at. To abide by the rules of the competition, I’ll have to disclose them though when the market is in play or finished up. Both bets are still in play but if I honest I’m not convinced I’ll get much play out of either. Time will tell! So that’s €3.16 bet today with a profit of 30 cents, it was 33 cents but Betfair took 3 cents commission and I have 2 bets currently in play. Check out my stats for August on the top right of the page to see how my running totals are looking.