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November out…

November 30th, 2009

Today I bet a final €16.40 on a horse race, this was a mixture of backing and laying and I didn’t won or loose but it gets me over my betting quota for the month


I’ve now bet over my €25 this month (€35.60 in fact) and my closing balance is €21.29. It’s now over to Sean to see if he can mount a come back. Very negative from me again but at the minute I’m in the lead. Sean came back from 20 cents in his betfair account earlier this month. Can he do it again?

statistical breakdown of my bets

August 26th, 2009

I’m just after gathering some stats for my august betting so far and they make for interesting reading;

Athletics: €1.79 (3 bets)
Gaelic Games: €2.05 (1 bet)
Golf: -€10.17 (15 bets)
Soccer: €15.52 (119 bets)
Special Bets: €0.09 (1 bet)
Tennis: €26.38 (35 bets)
Total P&L: €35.66 (174 bets)

So my biggest winner was tennis, followed by soccer. I’ve placed a massive 174 bets in total, so on average each bet has won me 20c.

I’ve bet over €824.32 to win €35.66 which means i’ve earned roughly €1 for every €23 i’ve risked. If we compare that to Enda’s stats so far, he’s earned roughly €1 for every €1.96 he’s risked which is an incredible stat.

So you can look at this two ways;

  • I’m lucky and playing a very high risk strategy which will inevitably end in tears.
  • I’m smart in my betting because obviously if i’ve placed 174 bets, you’d assume i’d go bankrupt if i’m risking €23 to earn €1 on average (given the fact my starting balance was €20).

Personally, i’m not too concerned about stats when i’m winning and in the lead. If i lose next month, i’ll compare my stats to Enda’s again and see if i can change anything…. but for now, it’s looking like victory for me in August and the stat that matters most is in my favour :mrgreen:

I’ve achieved a 176% ROI, Enda has achieved a 108% ROI on our starting balance of €20. However, the month isn’t over yet, Enda could still lose everything in a last ditch attempt to overtake me :smile:

August 09- Week 1 Review – Enda

August 2nd, 2009

That’s the first week over and my stats are as follows:
Opening Balance: €20.00
Bet this week: €6.52
Current Balance: €19.85
Profit/Loss (week): €0.15 loss
Profit/Loss (month): €0.15 loss

I’ve been looking for value backs in the hope of laying the bets off at lower odds. It hasn’t worked to date. Here’s some of my bets for week 1:
Day 1
Day 2

I’m loosing so far and I needed to recoup my losses at the poker table. Hopefully next week I can have some winning bets as I’m zero from four so far.