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dammit – accumulator kills me again!

September 27th, 2009

The only bet i placed this week was an accumulator bet yesterday. Out of the 3 teams i backed, Madrid and Spurs won easily as i’d predicted, but Valencia only drew 2-2 with Athletico Madrid, costing me my €1 stake.

Kitty Cat
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So my balance now goes down to €73.91. I’m still over €20 clear of Enda with just 3 days left in September. I do still have to place another €1 accumulator with paddypower before the month ends (to comply with our own rules).

It’s unlikely i’ll be placing any more bets – i’m confident my end total of €70+ will seal victory.

September 2009 – Week 2 Review – Enda

September 14th, 2009

Not much action from me this week I had a high risk accumulator and then a winning treble so a loss of €1 and a win of €9.45.

I then went for a monster 28/1 shot yesterday and lost €1.

Overall for the week though I’ve profited with my Paddy Power treble on Liverpool, Limavady and Sunderland so a nice profit this week. I’m finding it hard to get time to post on here but hopefully I get busy next weekend and also get in early with a few bets and possibly bet my entire kitty for the weekend.

I’ll need to address the issue of finding time to post on here as I want to contiunue working on this site. Placing the bets is easy. Selecting the bets and finding the time to post them on here is the tough bit :)

September 2009 – Week 2 Review – Sean

September 13th, 2009

My 3 team accumulator from yesterday didn’t come in. Celtic were the side that let me down as they only drew at home. The other two won. Frustrated again by an accumulator. However, i had placed a sneaky €2 on over 2.5 goals in the Man City – Arsenal match.

That match finished with 6 goals, so i won €1.84 which erased the pain and financial loss of my accumulator. Today, i was watching the Italian Grand Prix and layed against hamilton to lead on the first lap. He *almost* lost it going in to the first corner but held on and had manufactured a nice lead for himself.

bets 13th september

Although this was a very tactical race, i backed Hamilton with €10 at odds of 2.2. That quickly fell as he raced ahead and built up a big gap. I then layed him at 1.67 with €10.50 – turning out to be a smart move as his price went back out from then on.

Hamilton was beaten by the tactical prowess of the Brawn team, so i was relieved i didn’t just let that €10 i had on him ride out to the end ;-) So i total, i finish the day with a betfair balance of €66.99. Normally, i do stand by my big bets but i had a bad feeling about backing hamilton today so that’s why i layed him and didn’t stand by today’s bet.

This is where it comes in handy not having a betting ‘policy’. I know Enda seems to lay everything to safeguard profit which you can’t say is a bad thing. But i just do what i feel is right and if i think a side will win or someone will lose, i won’t try to green out unless i just have a bad feeling about something..

My paddypower balance is now €3.17, so my overall balance is now €70.16. I’m now past the €70 mark for the first time ever. September just gets better and better for me and i’m enjoying my betting right now – sure, i lose some but more often than not i always seem to sneak in more profit than loss so it’s all good.

We’re almost half way through September now and Enda will have to double his balance to win (as things stand). So the ball is very much in his court. I’ve said earlier in the month i won’t be gambling big time – there’s no point. I will place the odd bet on events i’m watching but i’ll be keeping a close eye on Enda’s bets rather than my own. There’s a time to attack and there’s a time to defend. Now is the time to defend.

you’re not singing any more!

September 6th, 2009

I said yesterday i had a big money bet on Ireland & Scotland both winning. By pure coincidence Enda had bets on the same matches, so in a rare twist we were both hoping each others bets would come in :mrgreen:

My attacking philosophy has served me well up until now. I’ve been much more unpredictable than Enda which has been a good and bad thing but, at the end of the day, i won August’s battle and that was the only stat that really mattered last month.

Ok, on to the bet that will silence Enda’s fans… I placed €10 on Ireland / Scotland winning at odds of 3.77. So i won €27.70. HOWEVER, the reason i placed this bet was because i came across an offer that betfair were running; Stake a minimum of €10 on a multiple bet this weekend and get €5 back – win or lose.

multiple bets

That lured me in to the multiple market and even though i’d bet 50% of my balance, i’d only lose 25% of my balance had the bet gone wrong. So it was still a very risky move, but one that paid of big time!

So my balance is now €46.31 on betfair PLUS i’ll be getting another €5 added to my account this week because i took up this offer. So my balance will actually be over €51 thanks to this bet.


That’s more than my closing (and winning) balance for August, so i’ve got off to a flying start and have made Enda’s accumulator winnings look like peanuts :mrgreen: I also had the chance to lay off money once Ireland went 1-0 up (or even 2-1 up), but i was enjoying the match and didn’t want to get distracted betting so i didn’t lay anything off.

So right now, my balance is €46.31 and that’s what i’ll put it down as ‘officially’ but there will be €5 added to it this week :-) In other news, my first €1 accumulator bet with didn’t come in.

Italy won, Spain won, but Poland could only draw meaning i was close, but not close enough… and that’s the thing with accumulators – there’s just so many different possibilities and outcomes and even if you get the majority of them right, it only takes a minority of your selections to fail and ruin everything. So i lost €1 there, but i think i’ll go easy on myself for that ;-)

I’ll now have a €27+ cushion over Enda (once i get my €5 from betfair) after one day of betting, so if ever we’re gonna see Enda attack with force, it’s now. With 24 days left in september, he’ll need over €1 profit per day and have to hope i lose money too. So it’s looking good for me :twisted:

I won’t be shutting up shop for the month, but i will be taking it easy now i have such a huge cushion. With these new rules, i have to risk at least €4 on accumulators so i’ll try to get them out of the way as early as possible.