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grand prix demons put to bed

November 1st, 2009

Fresh off the back of an accumulator win yesterday, i was feeling confident about November, despite ending October in the red for the first time.

I blew my entire €20 betfair kitty on the brazilian grand prix in mid october, so in typical aggressive fashion, i bet big on today’s grand prix – determined to put my grand prix demons to bed. And i did. I bet on vettel to win when he was second behind Hamilton early on at about 1.9-ish.

I stuck €15 on him and then layed it off at about 1.6, knowing i’d claimg an easy €5 profit should vettel have won. As the race progressed it became clear vettel would walk it barring a stupid mistake on his part.

grand prix win

So i bet on him claiming fastest lap too (at the time he had already set the fastest lap). I stuck €5 on that at 1.64 and then layed it off at 1.5.

In total, i’ve claimed over €5 profit today and stuck the knife in to Enda on day one. Normal service has resumed :twisted:

My balance for November now stands at over €30 and it’s game on. Beat Enda this month and it’s 2-2 in the monthly head to head battles. That would set up December as a 2009 title decider…

Sean wins, but doesn’t win enough

November 1st, 2009

I said yesterday i’d placed 3 accumulator bets.

One of them was;

  • Everton-v-Villa draw at 3.2
  • Sunderland -v- West Ham draw at 3.4
  • Real Madrid -v- Getafe (i had Madrid at 1.4)

accumulator sean win

That accumulator came in and my €1 bet returned €15.23 so a profit of €14.23. Of course it wasn’t enough to get back in to profit for the month or even beat Enda, but i was still pretty happy with my comeback…

It means i finish October with an overall balance of €17.16. Just under €6 behind Enda. Not bad, considering i could easily have ended the month with €0.00 as i’d blown my €20 betfair kitty a couple of weeks ago and all i had left to play were accumulator bets…

So in total, i’m down almost €8 in October. By coincidence, Enda also lost money in October but just €2. Having lost two months on the bounce now, that means i’m 2-1 down having taken an early 1-0 lead. If i fail to win in November, Enda will be crowned 2009 champion of so i’m determined to stop that happening.

first bet this month

October 14th, 2009

Remarkably, today is the first day this month i’ve placed a bet. I’ve placed an accumulator for tonight’s internationals.

I’ve backed Ireland, France and Romania to all win tonight. My €1 stake will return over €2 if all goes to plan.


I might also be betting in play in tonight’s matches. Last weekend i would have placed bets only i was at the Ireland / Italy match. I’d tipped a draw and under 2.5 goals but didn’t bet as other results could have massively impacted on the style of play – and did (ireland could have went in to the match needing not to lose or else they could have (and eventually did) go in guaranteed a play off place and under no pressure).

Tonight i fancy a narrow irish win mainly because Montenegro’s two big guns up front are out and Ireland will be eager to keep up their unbeaten record and take that in to this upcoming play off.

France should take care of Austria no problem and Romania should walk it against the Faroe Islands.

2nd accumulator for sean

September 6th, 2009

These accumulators are good fun, but i’m still very sceptical about how profitable they are. For me, it’s always best to keep it simple and bet on one event at a time. That said, surely my accumulator today can’t fail…


I’ve backed Nadal, Serena Williams and Venus/Serena in a doubles match which all take place today (in the US open). Bet €1, get €1.17 back. Very low risk, but it will still be profit if it comes in. I’ll be happy to break even in these accumulators and then do the real damage on single events with betfair :mrgreen:

1st accumulator for sean

September 5th, 2009

As the new rules have changed this month, we must now place 5 x €1 bets on This is gonna be very tough and i’ll be happy to break even as i’ve never had much luck with accumulators.

Anyway, here’s my first one… Poland / Italy / Spain. Looks good on paper but it’s never this easy…

paddypower 1st accumulator

I’m basically trying to limit my losses on these accumulators rather than back small at massive odds. All 3 of these sides are firm favorites going in to their matches so hopefully they all play well and win. Italy face Georgia away which won’t be easy. Spain face Belgium at home which should be an easy win. Poland face Northern Ireland at home which on paper looks like a home win, but Northern Ireland can be unpredictable and may well nick a draw.

August 2009 Player of the Month

September 2nd, 2009

Although less than €1 seperated us in the end, i’ve still won and that’s what the record books will show. Sean is officially the August 2009 Player of the Month on

Sunset and you
Creative Commons License photo credit: titlap

Enda’s gamesmanship in the dying minutes almost worked and the thought had crossed my mind that he was bluffing when he said he was leading, but i figured he had gotten to within €5 of me so he may well have stuck €5 on someone, got lucky and passed the €60 mark.

So i had to take it at face value and hunt for bets… nothing was in play, so i turned to exchange games and ended up losing €7. I was incredibly unlucky there by the way – two losing hands in a row despite being odds on favourites to win.

But Enda couldn’t produce profit and ended up losing a bit and that ‘bit’ is what has ultimately cost him victory.

So a dramatic finish to the month which temporarily saw the €60 mark broken but in the end the winning balance is €50.58 and if i can repeat that every month, i’ll be delighted.

Having gone 1-0 up, Enda will be eager to level things in September but i’m equally as determined to punish him for his late antics this month and make it 2-0 :-)

We’ve both suspended our betting on until this weekend as we’re putting together a new / updated set of rules which will make things even more exciting.

So we’ll lose a few days in September, but we’re both happy to take a time out and we both agree it will be much more interesting and challenging this month once the rules are changed….

last ditch attack from sean fails

September 1st, 2009

Having heard Enda was ahead, i made a last ditch attempt to over take him and started betting on exchange poker. Purely a percentage game – i was betting based on numbers and under severe pressure so i needed to react quicky and call cards good or bad in seconds.

I got up to over €61 at one stage but eventually dropped back to €50.58, so i finished August with €50.58, dropping €7 from just half an hour ago :smile:

Still, over €50 is quite an achievement even if it’s not enough to seal victory!

Update: it is enough to seal victory! The winner of the first battle is Sean!

Chin chin
Creative Commons License photo credit: Abi Skipp

Sean finishes august with €57.58

August 31st, 2009

I’ve been in the driving seat for the majority of the month and the past week or so has been no different. I opened up a €13+ lead over Enda and he somehow managed to get it back to under €5.

So i was forced in to betting again as i wasn’t comfortable with that lead. To cut a long story short, i ended up reducing my lead to just a couple of euro late last night.

In a bid to recover, i lost more today on womens football. At one stage my balance stood at €43.96. Today was an awful day for betting in that choice was really limited. There wasn’t much football on and all the decent tennis matches will run in to the early hours, so i couldn’t bet on them..

I picked out newcastle at 1.9 as a value bet against leicester. Stuck €13.96 on them meaning if they failed to win, my balance would go down to just €30 for the month.

At half time it was 0-0 and not looking good but i kept the faith and was rewarded. Newcastle won the match 1-0 and i didn’t lay off any money, so i profited by €12.56.

That took my balance to over €56 and just now i’m after taking my balance to €57.58 by betting on the closing stages of a tennis match.

profit august final total

So that’s me done for August. I’m not sure how Enda has done, but i’m very happy with my overall tally. I have the champagne on ice here as i await Enda’s total balance….

statistical breakdown of my bets

August 26th, 2009

I’m just after gathering some stats for my august betting so far and they make for interesting reading;

Athletics: €1.79 (3 bets)
Gaelic Games: €2.05 (1 bet)
Golf: -€10.17 (15 bets)
Soccer: €15.52 (119 bets)
Special Bets: €0.09 (1 bet)
Tennis: €26.38 (35 bets)
Total P&L: €35.66 (174 bets)

So my biggest winner was tennis, followed by soccer. I’ve placed a massive 174 bets in total, so on average each bet has won me 20c.

I’ve bet over €824.32 to win €35.66 which means i’ve earned roughly €1 for every €23 i’ve risked. If we compare that to Enda’s stats so far, he’s earned roughly €1 for every €1.96 he’s risked which is an incredible stat.

So you can look at this two ways;

  • I’m lucky and playing a very high risk strategy which will inevitably end in tears.
  • I’m smart in my betting because obviously if i’ve placed 174 bets, you’d assume i’d go bankrupt if i’m risking €23 to earn €1 on average (given the fact my starting balance was €20).

Personally, i’m not too concerned about stats when i’m winning and in the lead. If i lose next month, i’ll compare my stats to Enda’s again and see if i can change anything…. but for now, it’s looking like victory for me in August and the stat that matters most is in my favour :mrgreen:

I’ve achieved a 176% ROI, Enda has achieved a 108% ROI on our starting balance of €20. However, the month isn’t over yet, Enda could still lose everything in a last ditch attempt to overtake me :smile:

sean takes an early lead

August 1st, 2009

Day 1, first bet and it’s gone perfectly.

I backed Spartak Moscow to beat FK Krasnodar at odds of 1.3. I stuck €2 on it.

all in the green

After 21 minutes, Spartak Moscow took a 1-0 lead and their odds dropped immediately. I then layed them at odds of 1.08 and stuck 3.75 on that.

So at this stage, i couldn’t lose. If Spartak won, i’d be up 75c, if they lost or drew, i’d be up 25c.

So with almost 70 minutes left to play in the match, i could put my feet up and sip cocktails whilst i planned my next move to turn up the heat on Enda…

Spartak ended up winning the match 4-0, so i won 75c. Betfair take commission on all winnings, so i actually got 72c.

It means my kitty has now increased from €19.71 to €20.42 and it also means i’ve taken an early lead this month… the first punter to hit profit.


Game on Enda :twisted: