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woods or harrington = profit

August 7th, 2009

Today i’ve backed Tiger Woods or Padraig Harrington to win the Bridgestone Invitational.

golf invitational

I backed Woods yesterday… €3 at 2.76. I had planned on laying him yesterday or today (assuming those odds would fall)… but i’ve now taken the decision to gamble further on this one and take it right to the finish…

I backed Harrington earlier today with €2 at 4.8. He’s currently leading at 7 under par. Woods is 2 under par so he’s not quite out of it yet and still remains favourite to win.

Should either Harrington or Woods win on Sunday, i’ll profit a minimum of €3.13 as things stand. That would take me over the €30 mark.

So Enda’s gonna be glued to this golf tournament and he’ll be praying both the favourite and the current leader bottle it at some stage over the next 2 days. If that does happen, i’ll more than likely have reduced my losses by trading my way out of it or else i’ll have backed the new potential winner at high odds if i’ve been smart and following it closely.

Sunday is also community shield day and i plan to place one or two bets there too so on sunday evening my balance will either be back around the €20 mark or else *fingers crossed* well over the €30 mark.

Risking €8.68

August 4th, 2009

Today, i’m doing something very risky – i’m risking €8.68 to win €3. That’s over 33% of my kitty being risked tonight.

Some people gamble as a way to get rich
Creative Commons License photo credit: Melissa Gray

I won’t say exactly what i’m betting on yet but it’s on this evening’s Champions League matches. I’m confident my bet will come good – i’ve done my homework but as we all know there are no such things as sure bets.

*If* this bet pays off, i’ll be up €3 for the day which will be my biggest profit yet and my balance will then stand at over €27.50.

Lose, and my balance goes right down to €16. So there’s a lot at stake and this bet has the potential to wipe out my previous 3 days of profit, plus leave me €4 in the red.

But that’s what gambling is all about… taking calculated risks to win more.