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last ditch attack from sean fails

September 1st, 2009

Having heard Enda was ahead, i made a last ditch attempt to over take him and started betting on exchange poker. Purely a percentage game – i was betting based on numbers and under severe pressure so i needed to react quicky and call cards good or bad in seconds.

I got up to over €61 at one stage but eventually dropped back to €50.58, so i finished August with €50.58, dropping €7 from just half an hour ago :smile:

Still, over €50 is quite an achievement even if it’s not enough to seal victory!

Update: it is enough to seal victory! The winner of the first battle is Sean!

Chin chin
Creative Commons License photo credit: Abi Skipp

Loosing, then Winning at Poker

August 5th, 2009

Last night I sat at a 2cent/4cent no limit cash table in the hope of making a swift buck. I sit down at the table with 50cents. I dont play the first 3 or 4 hands as I get nothing cards. Then I’m dealt AK off suit. I raise pre-flop to 12 cents, a decent size raise you would think in a game like this, but a guy goes all in (he had about $2.50). This guy has been betting at every pot with nothing so I have to call. Flop comes 10, rag, rag – so he’s hit a pair of 10’s. Turn comes, I hit a King so I’m ahead, river comes, he hits a 6 for a 2 pair. So I’m down 50 cents in dollars, that’s 35 cents in euros. I’m gutted that I’ve fallen another 35 cents behind Sean as I know he’s had his fourth day of profit in a row. I go to another 2/4 table with a dollar this time (€0.70) and I play a few hands. No good cards, then I get A9 and I’m on the big blind anyway, so I check. Board flops A97 so I’ve hit! What happens next? I loose my connection and that’s the end of that. I lost another 14 cents, not a nightmare but that’s €0.49 that I’m down for my nights play. That’s the end of me and cash games for now! See the transactions highlighted in red. If you’re wondering why my balance is up an extra €4 on the right hand side, it’s because I forgot I had a bet in play before starting the competition.


I get up early today and I decide to play a $2+$0.20 Super Turbo NL Hold’em sit and go tournament. I get a few decent cards and I play well. I get to the last 2 and gain the chip lead but I’m then beat into 2nd place when the other guy draws a straight. I lift $5.40 for my $2.20 investment and I’m back ahead! I took €2.58 to the tables in total and I come out with €4.31 so that’s a total profit of €1.73. My new balance stands at €21.59 and I’m officially ahead of my €20.00 monthly kitty for the first time. If it goes wrong at the poker table this morning I loose €1.53 for the day on top of the 49 cents last night, but I was confident! If I did win the $2.00 + 20 game, I’d be up another €2.55 and would have closed the gap on Sean. It wasn’t to be. I don’t ‘think’ I’ll have another bet today. If I spend too much time at this, I might stop enjoying it! I also got feedback from Betfair on posted videos of my poker sessions, I’ll have an update on this later.

Gambling on myself

August 2nd, 2009

I needed to get some momentum going today to close the gap on Sean. He hasn’t lost a bet so far and I’m impressed! I’ve done nothing but loose so far, and continued that trend earlier today! I backed Donegal to beat Cork at 7/2 in the hope that I could lay them off in play at 11/10, same idea as my bet on the the Limerick-Meath game yesterday with a similar result. Donegal never got close to Cork after the first 2 minutes! Another loss:


At the same time as this, I placed a very very small bet of 32 cents (only 1.6% of my monthly bankroll) on Rangers to beat Arsenal in the Emirates Cup. I thought Rangers were worth a punt at odds of 8/1, given that both them and Arsenal played yesterday anything could have happened in this two horse race. A return of 2.24 for a stake of 32 cents would have been great. I was hoping that the game would be tight and Rangers would sneak a goal late in the second half. I was wrong, it’s 2-0 Arsenal as I’m writing this and that’s another loosing bet – bar a miracle. That’s four loosing bets on the trot to be exact. Not Good!


So my balance after both these bets was €16.60. Down €3.40 for the month so far. I was going to leave it at that for the day. I sat down and watched the Donegal match for half an hour and decided I needed to fight back hard and decrease Sean’s lead. I decided to bet on myself on the Betfair poker tables again. I was determined I’d come out ahead and went straight to the sit and go tournaments in the Betfair Poker Lobby. I entered a $2.00 + 20c rake tourney with 9 players, where the top 3 are placed. I didn’t get a card so I couldn’t make a play. When I did go all in, I was ahead in the heads up so I made the right move but I was zapped by a king on the river (I had Ace high the other guy had King high). I finished just outside the prize money in 4th place. So I’m down another €1.56 (that’s 2 dollars 20 cents in euro – the Betfair poker tables operate in dollars). Balance = 15.04! I went to the poker tables determined and I know from experience if I keep my discipline I can turn a profit. I brush off the first game and enter another $2+$0.20 Super Turbo NL Hold’em game. I play my normal game, I get a few good hands this time and I take the $9 (€6.37) for first place. Here’s the details of my GAA losses and my poker winnings:


So I’ve got my balance back to €19.85, I’m still down 15 cents for August but I’m back in the game!