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first bet this month

October 14th, 2009

Remarkably, today is the first day this month i’ve placed a bet. I’ve placed an accumulator for tonight’s internationals.

I’ve backed Ireland, France and Romania to all win tonight. My €1 stake will return over €2 if all goes to plan.


I might also be betting in play in tonight’s matches. Last weekend i would have placed bets only i was at the Ireland / Italy match. I’d tipped a draw and under 2.5 goals but didn’t bet as other results could have massively impacted on the style of play – and did (ireland could have went in to the match needing not to lose or else they could have (and eventually did) go in guaranteed a play off place and under no pressure).

Tonight i fancy a narrow irish win mainly because Montenegro’s two big guns up front are out and Ireland will be eager to keep up their unbeaten record and take that in to this upcoming play off.

France should take care of Austria no problem and Romania should walk it against the Faroe Islands.

last accumulator of the month

September 29th, 2009

Today i placed my final accumulator bet on It’s on tonight’s champions league matches.

champs league accumulator

I’ve backed Arsenal, Barcelona and Inter Milan to win tonight. If they do, i’ll get over €2 back. Fail to win and i’m down €1.

Enda has already thrown in the towel this month and conceded defeat for the second month on the trot.

It means it’s 2-0 to me in the monthly head to head battles and tonight’s result doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

I’ll probably finish the month with over €70 which is an incredible tally and one that i’m gonna struggle to top next month.

accumulator for sean

September 26th, 2009

I still have to place 2 accumulator bets before the month ends and here’s one of them;


I’ve gone for Valencia at home to Athletico Madrid which is the biggest risk of the lot… Spurs face Burnley at home which should be an easy win and you’d expect nothing less than a convincing win from Madrid at home to Tenerife.

A €1 bet will get me €2.80 back. This is also my first bet of the week. Enda has done well to get himself back in to it, but despite all his good work he’s still over €20 off the pace :mrgreen: With just 4 days left in September, it’s probably expecting too much from Enda to mount a late challenge.

8 Team Accumulator

September 19th, 2009

I placed my 3rd €1 accumulator bet on PaddyPower this morning on 8 teams. This one might be burned early if Sunderland don’t do the business away to Burnley in the 12.45 kick off today. But I added Sunderland as I think there’s a bit of value in them today. I went for a risky 28/1 accumulator last week and this one is even riskier at about 58/1. Here’s my selections:


As I say this is a massive risk again but if it’s still alive tomorrow it would leave me in good shape. I’m into profit this month already with a very low risk strategy so I’m prepared to go for a big odds long shot like this.

I’ll be going to Old Trafford for the big derby tomorrow and I’m looking forward to that! I’m not sure I’ll be betting on that one yet, but this €1 bet won’t be my only one this weekend!

Winning Accumulator

September 12th, 2009

Earlier I mentioned I had €3.95 on an accumulator bet to return €13.40. It’s come in for me. I was on Liverpool (had to be the sure thing today for 20%), Sunderland at home to Hull City (I’ve mentioned before I fancy Hull for the drop along with Burnley and Portsmouth) and Limavady United away to Glebe Rangers in the Irish League First Division:


My other accumulator; Liverpool and 2 draws is dead after Bolton sneaked an injury time winner at Portsmouth. I knew it was very high risk with high reward so it was worth the punt.

I did mention earlier that I was going to lump on €19 on a single bet but I held back on it (although my selection did come in). Instead I said I’d try to free up some time and stick with my low risk strategy. So that’s 8.45 profit today and a total profit of €11.41. Slow and steady once again without ever risking too much of my kitty.

All my bets so far (apart from laying off to ensure profit last week) have been with PaddyPower and I’ll be aiming for a big accumulator before the end of the month to try and double my bankroll again.

footie accumulator this weekend

September 12th, 2009

I’ve already placed two accumulator bets with Paddypower this month. I have to place 5 in the month and this will be my third. So far, i’ve won one and lost one.

treble 12th

I’ve gone for an exotic footie accumulator backing Celtic, Real Madrid and Inter Milan to all win. It will be a big shock if all DON’T win so that’s the reason i placed the bet. Dundee, Espanyol & Parma are the respective opposition.

High Risk Paddy Power Treble

September 12th, 2009

I placed my second multiple bet on PaddyPower this morning. I went for a high risk, high reward bet with two draws included. I went for Everton to draw away to Fulham and another draw at Portsmouth versus Bolton. Here’s my slip (pity it doesn’t show the selections for the draws):


This is high risk but pays €11.29 profit if it comes in. Sean has gone for a low risk strategy with his first two bets but I’m doing the opposite.
I have another accumulator on with PaddyPower using last weeks profits on there so I’ve staked €3.95 to return €13.40. If both these come i, I’m up over €25 since the start, if they don’t I’m only down €3 since beginning so it’s worth a punt.

I’m also considering lumping the remainder of my Betfair balance (€19) on a bet I like today. This is not my normal strategy and it may seem as though I’m loosing my discipline, but I’m finding it very difficult to get time to post my bets on here so I’m tempted to go all out for the month and see if I can free up some more time next month! I have a few hours to decide on this one and I’ll be posting later on my decision.

1st accumulator for sean

September 5th, 2009

As the new rules have changed this month, we must now place 5 x €1 bets on This is gonna be very tough and i’ll be happy to break even as i’ve never had much luck with accumulators.

Anyway, here’s my first one… Poland / Italy / Spain. Looks good on paper but it’s never this easy…

paddypower 1st accumulator

I’m basically trying to limit my losses on these accumulators rather than back small at massive odds. All 3 of these sides are firm favorites going in to their matches so hopefully they all play well and win. Italy face Georgia away which won’t be easy. Spain face Belgium at home which should be an easy win. Poland face Northern Ireland at home which on paper looks like a home win, but Northern Ireland can be unpredictable and may well nick a draw.