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Off to a loosing start…

November 14th, 2009

Last weekend I went for a 4 fold accumulator in the Premiership. I placed €3.72 on Arsenal to beat Wolves, Liverpool to beat Birmingham, Villa to beat Bolton and Man City to beat Burnley. Burnley grabbed a late equaliser against Man City last Saturday which crippled my bet, otherwise I would have been laying Liverpool in the last match of the 4 to guarantee profit. So I’m off to a loosing start for November and my balance now stands at €21.18. I’ll probably do the same thing as last month and risk all of this in one bet and see if Sean can mount a comeback. I know these are boring tactics but I want to make him work. I’ll be dissapointed if I loose this month again so if I can risk all of my €25 and come out unscathed hopefully I can mount a late challenge to try and get into profit again.

Have a look at tonight’s offer on PaddyPower, if nothing else it’s a bit of craic and I got a laugh at the pic below:


Small profit today

October 4th, 2009

I got off to a loosing start today. I put 10 cents on Leyton Baines to score first and Everton to beat Stoke 1-0. At odds of 66/1, I thought it was worth a punt if Baines was on free kick or penalty duty.


Scorecasts are a bookies dream but the odds here were good enough to have a very small punt at big odds. If Baines scored I’d have laid 1-0 immediately. So I was off to a loosing start.

I didn’t want to be down money but there wasn’t much else about. I had a look about and seen Chelsea going 1-0 on 60 minutes. I expected this to be a tight game so I backed 1-0 at €2.


I then layed it to guarantee a small profit.


I got in on time as Chelsea scored soon after. So I’m up 18 cents for today.

Lucky streak continues

September 24th, 2009

I just bagged another €1.96 profit as my lucky streak continues! It was €2.06 as seen in the second screen shot below but betfair took 10 cents commission on my winnings. Here’s how I did it: There was about 15 minutes left in the match when Genoa went 2-1 up. I actually fancied Juve before this one kicked off but didn’t go ahead with the bet. I immediately backed the 2-1 score line at 1.69. I then went to the match odds and seen that Genoa could be layed at 1.33. It’s was a risk laying a match bet against a correct score bet but I thought it was worth the risk with just over 10 minutes to play and the 36% discrepancy made it worth it. If the match stays at 2-1 I’ll definitely profit after these bets. I decided to lay it off though as if Genoa go 3-1 up I’ll loose around €3.30. I lay the 2-1 score line at 1.51 guaranteeing 44 cents profit on the score betting part of the bet if it stays like this. However, I know that I’ll loose money if Genoa win the match as I’d loose 83 cents on my 2.50 lay, minus the 44 cents is an overall loss of 39 cents. Before making these bets though I took calculated risks and knew I’d profit €2.50 if the match is a draw or Juventus win so it’s worth the risk. It sounds more complicated than it was and it could have gone wrong me me.


It didn’t though and it went exactly right. As soon as Juventus scored and levelled the match at 2-2 I immediately layed the draw to ensure I win even if Genoa sneak a late goal.


The match finished 2-2 and this extra €1.96 means that the 9/1 bet that I predicted I needed to hit the €75 target goes down to a 5/1. I said the 52 cents from earlier might be really important and this €1.96 ‘may’ be a whole lot more important. As I say this could have worked out wrong for me, but I acted quickly and was prepared to loose a small stake in the hope Juventus scored. If they do I win big (relatively speaking), I got a bit of luck but you need that! A bit of careful selecting and another lucky bet or two at the weekend and €75 and beyond is not out of my sites. I now have a nice comfort blanket above and will be happy to double my money once again!