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No bets for me today

August 4th, 2009

When Sean posted this morning saying he was risking €8.68, I immediately decided to stand back and not bet today. Yes he might storm into the lead if it comes off but I wasn’t sure about any of the matches today. I probably would have gone for Maccabi Haifa if I was backing any but I am glad I didn’t. I am hoping Sean did back them though as they went three down and he might have tried to lay his way out of trouble at this point! In saying that, he’s been very strategic so far and I won’t be surprised if he went for some kind of draw/no bet strategy.

275/365 Examination
Creative Commons License photo credit: stuartpilbrow

Anyway, enough of the second guessing, I’m just checking back in to let you know I’m still patient even though I might have fallen further behind today. I’m sure we’ll find out when Sean posts later tonight or tomorrow. If I am further behind, then I’ll need to pull a great bet out of somewhere and I’ll need to guarantee a big return on investment. For now though, I’m happy to play a waiting game until I see something that I really fancy!

Tonight’s results in the Champions League 3rd Round qualifier were:

  • Maccabi Haifa FC 4 – 3 FK Aktobe
  • Sivasspor 3 – 1 RSC Anderlecht
  • NK Dinamo Zagreb 1 – 2 FC Salzburg
  • Panathinaikos FC 3 – 0 AC Sparta Praha
  • FC Twente 1 – 1 Sporting Clube de Portugal
  • ** Update – Sean posted about 20 seconds after me – he’s won again! 4 in a row – he’s flying – I might need to bet big tomorrow :) yeah right!

Sports betting: first winning day

August 3rd, 2009

I see that I got two votes on the Poll today, so thanks to both of you if you’re reading back again! It might not mean a lot in terms of actually winning, but I appreciate the vote and the fact that someone (or two) is actually following our online betting challenge.

I had a bet on a longshot this morning that I blogged about earlier. My balance after that bet was 19.70, it’s now gone up to 19.86 after a small win on the horses. I actually bet on two races, lost the first and profited on the second. With a current exposure of 15 cents from this morning’s bet I’m actually in profit for the first time :) 19.86 + 0.15 = €20.01. If I loose the 15 cents I’m still down but while it’s in play it’s my money.

Anyway, the bets I placed today where an absolute joke! I had two 10 cents bets :)


After a quick look at the form guides I backed a 15/1 shot that traded at around 5/2 during the race and finished 3rd. If this comes in I profit 1.50 for a very small stake, so it’s worth a punt. My second bet was on the favourite, Start Me Up, at the 5.35 at Cork. This came in at odds of 2.65/1 (my first winning bet, not including the poker tables) so I’m up 26 cents for this race, minus the 10 cents loss from the previous race I’m up 16 cents for these two bets.

Right, I know you’re thinking I’m the smallest punter of all time, but I’m just betting like this to practice my discipline and slowly increase the amount I bet this month, this now stands at €6.87. Sean admitted in his previous post that he thought about backing Dublin in the All Ireland Quarter Final at Croke Park today. I’m not after timing here but I did actually think that he might go for Dublin and with a large punt too, so I was bidding my time to see how he ended today, I thought he’d loose :) ! I said a couple of days ago that I thought Kerry where worth a punt at 7/5 even though I thought a draw was likely. I avoided the game anyway and was hoping Sean would drop a few quid on it. He’s increased his lead today again, fair play, but I’m back to where I started. It’s like I never made a bet, like I’ve never lost a bet :) Sean’s running ahead but I’m not bothered, it’s the 3rd of August not the 23rd, the big bets will come later! He’ll be hard to catch though, I know he’s a determined man, you don’t blog almost daily for over 3 years without a determined streak!