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Kicking October off

October 2nd, 2009

We’ve adapted our rules again to get rid of the restrictive 5 x €1 accumulators on Paddy Power. We’ll begin October with a balance of €25 each, €20 balance on Betfair and €5 on Paddy Power.



Again we must bet the full €5 on Paddy and €20 on betfair. Other than that it’s completely optional for us to transfer money between our accounts at our own discretion. We just need to remember that the minumum top up on betfair is €15 so we’ll need to remember when transferring money across from Paddy.

That’s about it, otherwise it’s the same as last month. If both myself and Sean can profit for the 3rd month in a row I might start to believe we can turn a profit by betting online.

Best of luck Sean… let the profit continue!

And we’re off!

August 1st, 2009

Enda has already got out of the traps fast and got a few hours head start on me with his first blog post, but this is a marathon, not a sprint ;-)

Unfortunately i’ve already made a big mistake – i deposited €20 in to my account, however i did so using a visa credit card which means betfair took 30c for themselves (1.5% charge). So i’m immeditaely down 30c on Enda with €19.70. For some reason, i have 1c on my account too, so my actual balance as it stands right this second is €19.71.

betfair account

If you use a laser card to deposit funds, there are no charges. I have a laser card, so don’t ask me why i used my credit card… maybe it’s because i know my credit cards details off by heart and it’s just less hassle for me!

Anyway, I’m willing to give Enda a 30c head start – he’s gonna need it by the end of the month :twisted: Enda has his eye on the All Ireland quarter finals and whilst i’m tempted myself, i’ll hold off betting on them.

The only reason i’ll bet on them is if i’m at home, watching TV and they happen to be on – i’ll bet in-play as can read games much better when they’re in play. To start off, i’ll probably place a few small bets at very low odds just to start off and get me above the €20 mark.

Looking at soccer odds (my favourite market), it’s really hard for me to bet on friendlies which is all that there is these days, so you won’t see me risking too much until mid-august when things start getting competitive (in england which is where most of my bets will go).

Any bets i do place though will be blogged about and Enda must do the same. We both HAVE to bet our full €20 at some stage and in order to beat each other, we’re both gonna go for broke… you won’t see either of us happy to break even at €20 for the month…

I’ve never lost a bet!

August 1st, 2009

That’s not 100% true, actually I have lost bets – lots of them, but I had to open my blogs on here with a controversial statement! In a way it is true though as the birth of this site and the competition between myself and Sean is a totally fresh start to online betting for me! As off today, I’m neither a winning gambler nor a loosing gambler, so I’ve never lost a bet! The fact that I haven’t actually won a bet is another story! Until we get this site off the ground I will not be placing any offline bets or any other online bets other than those mentioned on here. I have a €20 online budget and that’s my lot!

So where do I start? Well as this is a new idea and I’m excited about it. I know that I’ll probably find it very hard not to rush in and have a hundred bets tomorrow :) I need to keep the discipline though and try to ensure that I’m getting value out of my €20 over the month of August. Speaking of the €20, here’s a screenshot of my Betfair account with a starting balance of €20 as of 1st of August.

betfair account balance

Last night, I also popped out a book I’ve had for a while, ‘Winning on Betfair for Dummies’. It’s a good wee book and gives a good run through how Betfair works. Betfair is actually pretty simple, but it’s daunting enough to begin with so as part of my effort on here I will try to produce some videos on how to sign up to Betfair and how to use the site and the different types of bets you can place on there.

I’ve been looking at the all Ireland Quarter Final Football matches this weekend, here’s the odds below:


I’m tempted to back a draw in the Dublin v Kerry game as I’m guessing it’ll be blown up if there’s a sniff of the side’s being level anywhere near the 70 minute mark. Dublin are going in to this one as favourites, but can you write of Kerry and are they worth a punt at 7/5? I wont be going for this one though for now but can I think it’s worth looking at a draw in one of the four games at odds of 9/1 and above and this for me is the most likely draw. I feel that there ‘might’ be a bit of value in Donegal at 7/2 in the game against Cork, this one might be worth a punt if the Donegal team come with the momentum of victories over Derry and Galway in the previous rounds. I’m probably going with my heart and not my head here and the low odds on Cork will probably be justified. I’ll leave it for now and will wait to watch the games and might place a bet in running depending on how things are going.

Jeez, I feel as though I’m putting my neck on the line with predictions like this on here and it’s only my first post, maybe I a need a new approach already :) But there’s no money on for now and I’ll be back later if I decide to go ahead with any of these bets. Cold or what? No disciplined! :)