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September 2009 – Wk 3 Review – Enda

September 21st, 2009

Another quiet week for me with only one bet on the football over the weekend. I went for a massive 58/1 accumulator and was miles out!

I went for another 4 team accumulator yesterday and placed €1.41 on Chelsea, Everton, AC Milan and Fulham but was let down by Fulham.


So far, I’ve only bet €10.35 this month and I’m €8.00 in profit so not too bad so far. I have to admit though I’m struggling to find bets that I really like and won’t just bet on anything hence the lack of activity. I still have to bet €16.06 this month to abide by the rules and bet my full kitty. I did say on Saturday that I’d be betting again over the weekend but I didn’t bother then. I was going to go with a big double on United and Chelsea yesterday but thought that either Man City or Spurs might sneak something. What a brilliant match at Old Trafford! Probably the best game I’ve ever seen live!

I have one more €1 accumulator to place on PaddyPower and €12.65 to bet between Paddy and Betfair so I’ll need to get my bets in soon. I’m still in profit but would like to get up around the €40 mark if possible but to turn a profit for a second month running would be great. Need to get the thinking cap on over the next day or two to try and find a bit of value out there.

Winning Accumulator

September 12th, 2009

Earlier I mentioned I had €3.95 on an accumulator bet to return €13.40. It’s come in for me. I was on Liverpool (had to be the sure thing today for 20%), Sunderland at home to Hull City (I’ve mentioned before I fancy Hull for the drop along with Burnley and Portsmouth) and Limavady United away to Glebe Rangers in the Irish League First Division:


My other accumulator; Liverpool and 2 draws is dead after Bolton sneaked an injury time winner at Portsmouth. I knew it was very high risk with high reward so it was worth the punt.

I did mention earlier that I was going to lump on €19 on a single bet but I held back on it (although my selection did come in). Instead I said I’d try to free up some time and stick with my low risk strategy. So that’s 8.45 profit today and a total profit of €11.41. Slow and steady once again without ever risking too much of my kitty.

All my bets so far (apart from laying off to ensure profit last week) have been with PaddyPower and I’ll be aiming for a big accumulator before the end of the month to try and double my bankroll again.

High Risk Paddy Power Treble

September 12th, 2009

I placed my second multiple bet on PaddyPower this morning. I went for a high risk, high reward bet with two draws included. I went for Everton to draw away to Fulham and another draw at Portsmouth versus Bolton. Here’s my slip (pity it doesn’t show the selections for the draws):


This is high risk but pays €11.29 profit if it comes in. Sean has gone for a low risk strategy with his first two bets but I’m doing the opposite.
I have another accumulator on with PaddyPower using last weeks profits on there so I’ve staked €3.95 to return €13.40. If both these come i, I’m up over €25 since the start, if they don’t I’m only down €3 since beginning so it’s worth a punt.

I’m also considering lumping the remainder of my Betfair balance (€19) on a bet I like today. This is not my normal strategy and it may seem as though I’m loosing my discipline, but I’m finding it very difficult to get time to post my bets on here so I’m tempted to go all out for the month and see if I can free up some more time next month! I have a few hours to decide on this one and I’ll be posting later on my decision.

Profit on first bet

September 5th, 2009

I placed my first €1 accumulator bet on PaddyPower earlier and I’ve been successful.


I profited €3.95 on this bet but layed Ireland at 1.99 for €1 to loose 99 cents but insure that I broke even no matter what.


In hindsight, I probably should have guaranteed profit with the lay, but I was away from the computer during the Ireland game so had to lay out at high odds and I was reluctant to eat into my accumulator winnings as I was pretty confident on this one.

Sean has profited big today according to the comments on his most recent post. He reckons he’s sown it up for this month already and if he has then fair play. I’ve already decided I’ll never back to try and outdo Sean. Without devaluing our monthly competition, I know if I bet like this I’ll definitely loose.

Hopefully another month of slow and steady bets can see me turn a profit this month again. I placed some great bets in August without ever putting my bankroll in any great risk and I’ll be happy if I can do the same again this month. I won’t be getting carried away just yet though as we all know it’s very hard to beat the bookie. If either of us can turn a profit for 6 months or more then I might believe we can win at online gambling in the long term.

Thanks everyone for the votes last month! I might not have won it but at least I felt like the people’s champ :)

September – Bet 1

September 5th, 2009

I’m getting in early with my first bet for this month with an accumulator bet on PaddyPower. I’ve choosen two international games. Ireland to avenge our horrid defeat to Cyprus a few years back and Scotland to recover from the thumping they got from Norway and beat Macedonia. My third selection is League 1 table toppers Charlton to continue their 100% record this season and beat Brentford * Note: I backed Charlton as an in-running bet 5 minutes into the match and posted immediately. As the rules state, I’ve placed my €1 bet and if successful the bet returns €4.95.


I’ll be very busy this month so wanted to get off to an early start. Hopefully the quality of my bets from last month will continue and I have time to do my homework before rushing in.

Going with my predictions

August 30th, 2009

I’ve been very very quiet on the site all week. Sean has been egging me on to bet, but I found it hard to find a low risk strategy that would give me a high reward. I’ve said I was the underdog and I’m still behind, but I’ve passed the €50 mark for the first time and I’m within touching distance now.


If I lost this bet today I would have been in trouble. I’ve threatened to go for a monster bet and had an even money shot in mind but decided against it. It would be ridiculous to blow my €30 profit just to beat Sean. I can live with being second as long as I’m in profit, I’m not sure he can :) Who’s to say that with another winning bet tomorrow though that I can’t bypass Sean?

Here’s my selection for today:


I placed a multiple bet on the last 3 selections in yesterday’s tips (Man City, Everton and Aston Villa, all to win). I’ve been lucky as Everton got an injury time penalty but you need luck and I’ve had my fair share over the last few weeks. Unfortunately you cannot see a screenshot of a multiple bet in Betfair after it’s been settled (so just a note for next time to take a screenshot when I place the bet). After the first two results came in I layed Villa in separate bet shortly after half time at 1.27.


This lost me 1.62 of my profit but it insured I’d be up no matter what and I wasn’t taking the risk on a 3 way bet. Even if Fulham came back to snatch victory, with my €6 lay I’d have been up over €3. I’ve said before that “accumulators are a bookies dream against the average punter and are very hard to pull off” so I’m chuffed with today’s result! I’m 100% honest when I say that I was actually not going to bother betting this weekend and just be happy with second place and doubling my money! However, now that I’m within touching distance of Sean I will be going for it tomorrow. I think the only time that I really reacted to his bets this month was placing a massive €30 on Usain Bolt. I profited about €3 on this bet but it was silly to risk my entire kitty too. Since then I’ve decided to become much more disciplined and I’ve been consistently winning since. I still have a massive mountain to climb but I’m a lot closer than I was this morning. Sean has been cautious since going way ahead of me and rightly so. It’s not like he hasn’t went for it all month so he deserved the break. He won’t ‘have’ to bet tomorrow but as he wont know what I’m up to all day (and I’ll be in the blind as to what he’s up to also), he’d be foolish to assume I won’t be going for broke. Sean has the advantage of being more cautious with his selections tomorrow, were I’ll have to take a more risky approach. I’m sure you’d agree after watching us over the last month that this is a real turnaround in styles. Sean doesn’t have to be cautious though and he may take a big risk to put it beyond me even if I win big tomorrow. We have completely contrasting styles and it makes it interesting to see if we change styles on the final day to seal the deal. I have a monetary target in mind for tomorrow and it’s enough above Sean’s current balance that even if he does win it’ll have to be a decent amount. Hopefully my luck continues and I can make a decent stab at it anyway. I’ll be posting at around 11.45 tomorrow night with my final balance. I have to say, I’m very very surprised that we’re both sitting here on a balance of more than €50 with one day to go. Until one or both of us can consistently profit over a six month period, it would be stupid to say that we are winning punters just yet.