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September 2009 – Wk 3 Review – Enda

September 21st, 2009

Another quiet week for me with only one bet on the football over the weekend. I went for a massive 58/1 accumulator and was miles out!

I went for another 4 team accumulator yesterday and placed €1.41 on Chelsea, Everton, AC Milan and Fulham but was let down by Fulham.


So far, I’ve only bet €10.35 this month and I’m €8.00 in profit so not too bad so far. I have to admit though I’m struggling to find bets that I really like and won’t just bet on anything hence the lack of activity. I still have to bet €16.06 this month to abide by the rules and bet my full kitty. I did say on Saturday that I’d be betting again over the weekend but I didn’t bother then. I was going to go with a big double on United and Chelsea yesterday but thought that either Man City or Spurs might sneak something. What a brilliant match at Old Trafford! Probably the best game I’ve ever seen live!

I have one more €1 accumulator to place on PaddyPower and €12.65 to bet between Paddy and Betfair so I’ll need to get my bets in soon. I’m still in profit but would like to get up around the €40 mark if possible but to turn a profit for a second month running would be great. Need to get the thinking cap on over the next day or two to try and find a bit of value out there.

last ditch attack from sean fails

September 1st, 2009

Having heard Enda was ahead, i made a last ditch attempt to over take him and started betting on exchange poker. Purely a percentage game – i was betting based on numbers and under severe pressure so i needed to react quicky and call cards good or bad in seconds.

I got up to over €61 at one stage but eventually dropped back to €50.58, so i finished August with €50.58, dropping €7 from just half an hour ago :smile:

Still, over €50 is quite an achievement even if it’s not enough to seal victory!

Update: it is enough to seal victory! The winner of the first battle is Sean!

Chin chin
Creative Commons License photo credit: Abi Skipp

Lost €16.62 today

August 20th, 2009

Not quite as bad as sunday, but still a heavy loss today. Before Enda gets too excited i did manage to win €9.60 so i suffered an overall loss of just €8.

bets 20th aug

It started off well. I banked on usain bolt winning his 200m semi final and he did. I won €5. Then wheels came off…

I had €3 riding on a 100m womens hurdles final but lost it…

When i tuned in to the Burnley v Man Utd match. Burnley were 1-0 up and i backed utd with €2.

I then layed the 1-0 at half time with €2 at 6.6, meaning i’d lose €11.20 if it stayed 1-0. It did. And i lost €11.20 plus the €2 i’d backed Utd with. Massive upset, utd could and should have scored and on any other day they would have done. It was just ‘one of those days’.

So i was down €10.20 for the day which was a pretty big loss. I decided to gamble to win some of it back. I banked on under 4.5 goals in a liverpool match (they were leading 3-0 with about 5 minutes to go). It finished 4-0 so that won me €1.62.

Then i banked on Nadal to beat Seppi in a second round tennis match. He did and i won €1.50.

So in total today, i won €8.16 today, lost €15.20.

My balance goes down to €30.29, but i’m feeling confident now of running away with this August competition. I’m not worried about losing money – i’ve proven time and time again this month that i can bounce back from any amount of losses so expect me to rise above Enda again sooner rather than later ;-)

2nd consecutive day of heavy losses

August 12th, 2009

Yesterday, i lost €5 on league of Ireland matches. I had place €3 on Dundalk to beta Bray at home and thought it looked a safe bet (Bray were on a losing streak and rooted to the bottom of the table, Dundalk meanwhile were on a winning run).

I also placed €2 on Shamrock Rovers to beat Cork away from home. Bit of a gamble but with odds of 2.76 i thought it was worth it.

Anyway, both matches finished 0-0 and i was left licking my wounds. €5 gone just like that. I had now lost over €9 in 2 days.

tennis bets

In an attempt to turn my fortunes around, i turned to tennis and backed Karlovic to beat Haas last night. All in all, i ended up with €4 on him, backing him to win. As the matched progressed it became clear he’d lost his early rhythm…

How unlucky could i be to lose a further €4? I wasn’t prepared to hang about and wait for the answer…. i stuck a massive €20 on Haas to win at odds of 1.15, which would return €3 and mean i’d only lose €1 on the tennis if Haas won. It was a risk, but i was determined to end my run of bad luck.

Haas did indeed win, so i avoided losing another €3 and just lost the €1. So all in all, i lost €6 yesterday, but it could have been €9. Add that to the €4.72 i lost on Monday and week 3 is quickly turning in to a nightmare for me.

My balance is now just €26.67 so Enda storms in to the lead without doing anything. He’s away in england this week, so that’s why we’re not hearing much from him these days but i’m sure he’ll be delighted that i’ve gone and shot myself in the foot while he’s been away.

I’m determined to rally back and get back above €30… starting tonight. I have €8 riding on tonight’s Ireland -v- Australlia match. I won’t say exactly what way i’m betting, but if an early goal goes in, i’m in big trouble and will be forced in to making tough in play decisions…

I’m confident my bets will come good though… surely a 3rd consecutive day of losses will be avoided – we’ll find out later on.

2nd day of profit

August 2nd, 2009

Today i layed Arsenal and almost immediately i knew i’d lost the €1 i’d risked (they went 1-0 up within a couple of minutes). Disaster. I knew i had to recover and had the ability to recover – i just had to hold it together and not do anything stupid.

So i backed Arsenal to win the first half 2-0 (when they were 2-0 up with about 5 minutes to go). Stuck €2 on it at 1.1. I won 30c.

I then backed ‘3 goals or more’, when two were scored. I put €2 on that at odds of 1.11 and i placed a further €2 on it at odds of 1.22. I won 0.66 when the third goal went in :smile: So at this stage i’d basically recovered from the €1 i’d lost by initially laying Arsenal.

I then bet €3 on ‘under 4.5 goals’, with about 13 minutes to play. I then placed another €2 on the same bet at odds of 1.07. At this stage arsenal were 3-0 up with about 7 minutes to play so two more goals were needed if i were to lose my €5 staked.  The match finished 3-0 and i won a total of 59c on that bet.

With 1 minute left on the clock i placed €3 on the match to finish 3-0 at odds of 1.1 (which looking back on it were incredibly generous). I won 30c on that bet.

So in total, i won €2.18 (excluding 10c commission), lost €0.99 on the match, adding another €1.19 to my kitty. Earlier in the day i also stuck €2 on Atl Madrid and PSG to finish in a draw at odds of 1.22, so i won another 44c (excl commission).

So i’ve yet to lose money on a football match. I’ve bet on 3, profited on 3. It’s a fairly high risk strategy (placing bets at short odds) and one that will no doubt backfire on me at some stage, but so far so good.

arsenal rangers bet

My total balance now stands at €22.78, so i’ve proven my first day wasn’t just a fluke :-)

Enda has pulled it back playing poker… he’s now up to €19.85 (still a 15c loss overall), but i’m still in the driving seat, still in profit and that means all the pressure is still on enda’s weakening shoulders :-)

On a sidenote, i bet €22 today which means i’ve already bet over €33 two days in! Sounds reckless, but it’s not when i’m betting mainly in €2 amounts and not all at once. The main statistic i’m concerned with is my monthly balance. So long as it’s over €20, i’ll be happy and if it’s above Enda’s also, i’ll be delighted :mrgreen: