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Big loss last night

December 18th, 2009

Last night I lost €25 on one bet. Celtic were 3-1 down against Rapid Vienna. I lumped on Vienna in the hope of making a small profit of €1.50. Mug punter tactics that came back to bite me. I’m now down to just over €5 for my balance so it’ll be tough to mount a comeback from here. I wanted to get my balance to around €40 so I could lump on an even money in the hope to go over €80 at the last minute.

Anyway, a stupid bet has left be with slim chances to win this month. I’ll be going for a monster 20/1 accumulator now to try and take me over the €100 mark…. even though I don’t want to finish with a zero balance for the money. I can come back though.. do doubt about that!

Closing balance is €23

November 1st, 2009

Is it enough? I only placed 2 more bets this week and my closing balance is €23. Sean had enough opportunities to come back yesterday so we’ll have to wait and see but I wouldn’t be surprised if he came back.

Here’s my 2 loosing bets since my last post:

I placed 34 cents on the Spurs – Everton game finishing 2-2. At 22/1 I thought it was worth a punt but no joy:


My next bet was on Blackburn Rovers to beat Man Utd yesterday. This was a great value bet as I got Blackburn at odds of 24/1 on Friday. Yeah I fancied United to win this game but if Blackburn score first or even if it’s nil-nil at 70 minutes I can lay this one off to guarantee profit. I tried laying it at 5.9 but it was picked up so I’m down 72 cents on this one. Blackburn are dismal at the minute but United aren’t playing well and with Giggs, Fletcher, Rio and Vidic all out this was a value bet:


So that’s me down €2 for the month but I decided to cut my loses and see if Sean could come back like I did last month. I’ve bet a lot more than I normally did just to get myself up to the €25 limit but sometimes you have to use tactics. I said before I wouldn’t bet according to what Sean did but I had to break my rules here to make it as hard for him as possible. I’ll be surprised if he didn’t gamble big to try and get back into it so he might surprise us. Fulham at 3/1 at home against a Liverpool side missing Gerrard would have been on my accumulator anyway.

Small profit today

October 4th, 2009

I got off to a loosing start today. I put 10 cents on Leyton Baines to score first and Everton to beat Stoke 1-0. At odds of 66/1, I thought it was worth a punt if Baines was on free kick or penalty duty.


Scorecasts are a bookies dream but the odds here were good enough to have a very small punt at big odds. If Baines scored I’d have laid 1-0 immediately. So I was off to a loosing start.

I didn’t want to be down money but there wasn’t much else about. I had a look about and seen Chelsea going 1-0 on 60 minutes. I expected this to be a tight game so I backed 1-0 at €2.


I then layed it to guarantee a small profit.


I got in on time as Chelsea scored soon after. So I’m up 18 cents for today.

Loosing bet

September 29th, 2009

Last Friday I mentioned that I placed another accumulator bet for the weekend that would leave me over the €100 mark if it came in. It didn’t. But loosing 37 cents wasn’t gonna kill me :)


If i’d have hit the €100 mark with a low risk like this it would have been a brilliant bet. My selections are miles out. With a balance of €53.10 I’m happy enough to concede defeat to Sean this month again. I’ve more than doubled my money and I can’t really see any value in this weeks Champions League betting so I’m pretty reluctant to blow a healthy €25 profit.