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It’s all over for september!

September 7th, 2009

I’ve started September all guns blazing and destroyed Enda in these opening few days. He’s gonna need a miracle to get back in to it this month.

Freeze !!!
Creative Commons License photo credit: Philippe sergent

Feeling invincible, i stuck €10 on Harrington to win the Deutsche Bank Championship when he was tied at 15 under for the lead. As soon as i placed that bet, his odds tumbled and kept going out and within a few minutes he was down to 13 under and 2 shots off the pace… that quickly chopped me back down to size and reality…

I could have accepted a €10 loss – i could afford it after all… but i didn’t want to :-) Instead, i attacked and got more involved. I placed €6 on Stricker to win which would net me €11.76. Everyone was tussling at the top for no.1 spot and i then backed Stricker again with €5 at 2.52, meaning i’d net another €7.60 profit.

golf sean

So at this stage, i’d bet a total of €21 on either Stricker or Harrington winning (and harrington was out of it – or so i thought). Harrington mounted a small comeback but eventually fell off and Stricker kept cool to seal victory by 1 shot on the last hole.

So it means i bagged €9.36 profit AFTER i’d lost my €10 on Harrington :mrgreen: My betfair balance is now €57.57, with €5 still to be added from a special offer. I now go a massive €33.78 clear of Enda and that will stretch to €38.78 later in the week.

My balance now tops €60 and i’ve set a new all time record balance on – although there’s still over 3 weeks left in September, i’m walking up the steps and have one hand on the ‘player of the month’ trophy for September.

So far, we’ve seen nothing to suggest Enda can mount a comeback of this magnitude. It’s up to him now to prove us doubters wrong :smile:

So first day over and done with, and things ran smoothly for me. Now i have to do it all over again tomorrow with, get this, a 3 hour gap between classes :evil: I’m all for breaks and stuff, but that’s madness. 3 hours of doing nothing only wanting the time to tick by :roll: This is when i start to regret not living on/near campus :razz:

balance cut in half by tiger woods

August 17th, 2009

Hours ago, i was passing the €40 mark

Now, i’m back with a balance of just €21.94… i backed tiger woods in the USPGA and lost big. I had backed himself and Harrington to win pre-tournament. In the end Y E Yang won it. An outside shot.

golf aug 17th

Woods had been leading all weekend up until today, when he collapsed and dropped a 2 shot lead.

ALL the stats were stacked in his favour. 99 times out of 100, tiger woods doesn’t lose when he’s in these sort of positions… but today he did and my balance has been smashed to pieces… all my good work has been undone and Enda storms in to a lead without doing anything.

I’m furious with myself for not greening out when i had the chance, or backing yang at 3-1, when he was leading. Had i done that, i’d have lost only a few euro….

But that’s gambling for you… i took the risk, i know the stakes and all i can do is make what i think are the right decisions.

Now, i’m hurt, i’m after losing half of my balance and all of my previous 3 weeks of hard work has been undone. I’ve come back from heavy losses two or three times already and i’ll have to do it again if i’m to outmuscle Enda this month.

I’m pretty sure €40+ would have been more than enough to win August’s battle, but had tiger won, i’d be sitting on a balance of €55+ which would have cemented an early victory for me. At this stage, i’m tempted to go all out and bet big on every bet, but i know i must maintain discipline and keep *some* sort of balance tucked away.

If there is any consolation i can take from all of this is that i managed to double my money in 16 days… there’s only 14 days left in august now, but there’s still more than enough time for me to hit back and reclaim top spot. Historically, whenever i’ve lost big, i’ve come back stronger than before so although i doubt i’ll see another €40+ balance this month, i will be snapping at the heels on Enda right up until the end.

Hopefully Enda has also lost this weekend as i know he had a few bets on the football. His balance is currently €24, so with a bit of luck it may not have improved. If that is indeed the case, i’m extremely lucky as he’s only €2.06 ahead of me…  If he has won, i’m facing a €10+ mini mountain to climb…

anything you can do, i can do better!

August 10th, 2009

I’ve stayed very quiet over the past couple of days. One reason for that is because  i was away in Dublin yesterday so i didn’t place any bets. Another reason is that i was preparing some big bets today. And it was a mixed day, but i ended up in profit, which is becoming an all too familiar story now ;-)

aug 9th bets

Twice today i was left with a balance of less than €2, so i was going in for the kill like i promised. If i’m honest, i expected to crush Enda today, so i’m shocked that Enda called it right in the Chelsea match and won big. Fair play to him – a very clever lay with low risk ;-)

He’ll know though like myself, that you never write Man Utd off… whether there’s 3 minutes left or 3 seconds left… unlike enda though, i didn’t try to pull out or hedge my bet completely. I had backed a draw and stuck €3 on it @ odds of 3.20… but Chelsea were 2-1 going in to injury time. I did place a few small bets as the match was coming to and end to try and limit my losses, but i kept the faith overall and was prepared to lose money…. and it paid off big time… the match finished 2-2. So massive €8.80 profit there.

HOWEVER, i lost €4 on an ipswich town match earlier in the day. I also lost small bets during the community shield match, plus i gambled and lost on the penalty shoot out (i lost €2 by backing a utd win – heart ruling head to be honest there!)

So after the match had finished, i had a balance of €30.03 thinking that was fantastic (not knowing Enda had a balance of €30.77).

The real victory though, for me, came in the golf, i was glued to the finish and ended up banking on tiger – meaning all my funds were resting on himself or Harrington winning (if harrington had won i’d have gone back to about €28). At this stage i still didn’t know Enda had a balance over €30 but i was determined to crush him today and get as far as possible away from him.

bridgestone invitational

Tiger won and i’m now sitting on a whopping balance of €37.39…

I’m sure Enda won’t be expecting it… he’ll be quietly confident he’s taken a lead with his big win earlier today. Although he’s risked less and could sleep easier than i could, my strategy has paid off once again and i reclaim my throne as no.1 ;-)

I’m now €6.62 ahead of Enda, so despite his big win, nothing has changed really – he’ll be incredibly frustrated that he’s gone past the €30 mark yet still remains a good bit adrift. But, we’ve both gone past the €30 mark in just over a week which is an incredible achievement when you think about it. At this rate, we should both be capable of hitting the €50 mark every month :mrgreen:

Patience pays off

August 8th, 2009

I mentioned that I had a couple of bets in the 2009 Bridgestone Invitational a couple of days back. I initially backed Justin Leonard in this at odds of 49/1, hoping he’d push up the leaderboard and I planned to lay him off at smaller odds then. He’s a good player and was in the top 20 in this tournament last year. He also showed well in the 2009 British Open tying for 8th place so I thought it was worth a bet. I then backed Boo Weekley at 210/1, he’s a player that ‘can’ push up the leaderboard so I was going in with the same strategy with him. Weekley was sitting at 3 under par after 7 holes in the 3rd round and was trading at 85/1 so I was hoping he could grab another few birdies and give me some value. He had a shocking time from then on and like Leonard, now seems to be out of the running. I’m now writing both these bets off as losses as I can’t see either player featuring going forward. The lays below shown in pink are unmatched.


Now for the good stuff! I had 4 football bets between yesterday and today, 2 losses and 2 wins. The important thing here though was that the losses were small and the wins were big (relatively speaking). I lost on both Reading and West Brom in the Championship. Both these teams were pretty short odds (around even money) but I expected both to win and I went in with the strategy if one wins I get my money back, if both win I double my money. Unfortunately both teams drew so I lost a euro there.


Earlier this evening, my first real big bets came through for me. I bet €2 on Dungannon Swifts away to Institute in Irish Premier League at odds of 2/1 and profited €4. It was a 90th minute penalty that came through for me, but they all count. I’d been waiting on this one as I placed the bet early on Friday morning. Institute released a lot of players over the Summer and I heard they are also injury hit at the minute, so this was a value bet going for Dungannon at 2/1.

The next monster (by my standards :) ) of €4.28 was lumped on Waterford United away to Kildare County in the League of Ireland 1st Division. Were my bet on Dungannon had real value, the odds on this one was low at 1.56, but I sat down and analysed these matches with 2 good friends of mine on Thursday night and we all agreed that this one was ‘thee’ bet to go for this weekend. Look where Kildare are in the League Table and Waterford are riding high, pushing for promotion. I was down to €14 before these bets settled up and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried. If both these bets didn’t come in, I would have found it very difficult to catch Sean. But for now, I’m back in the game! I expect Sean to go further ahead as he seems to be sitting well in the golf with Tiger and Padraig Harrington, but I’m back in business and I’ve shown that my patient approach has paid off (at least this time anyway). New balance = €26.36, result! I’ve now bet over the €20 quota for the month, maybe that’ll do me for August :)

Bridgestone Invitational 2009

August 7th, 2009

I’ve heard on the grapevine (well actually Sean mailed me earlier :) ) that he has a bet on Tiger Woods in the 2009 Bridgestone Invitational. Here’s a quick shot of the leaderboard:


You can get the full leaderboard here. Tiger has won this competition 6 times in the last ten years so Sean might go further ahead with this bet. I looked at his price pre-tournament and at 2.74 he just doesn’t offer any value to me. Even if he does win, I just wont go for this bet before the tournament starts. It’s too short! Maybe if Tiger makes a big move today, I’d be prepared to have a punt at slightly smaller odds in the knowledge that he’s playing well and up there. Incidentely, this is the market that I’ve my two small secret bets on this week. I’ll report back on them later but they aren’t looking good at the minute. Again, these are only small losses for me and if these guys played well I’d have a chance to win big but for now it’s not looking great. Sean is in with a good shout with Tiger here though, his record on this course speaks for itself! I’ll be watching closely and might need to consider a bet if Tiger is pushing up the field. Tiger has actually birdied since I took my screenshot so it’s not looking good. Great to see Padraig Harrington heading up the field anyway!