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Bad start to the month

December 8th, 2009

Last night I put a bet on a danish football match. I backed 0-0 at a stake of €2 hoping to lay it off for a few percent profit at half time. Immediately the home team scored. I then backed the home team to win at a stake of €4 also hoping to lay it off later and not to long after this the away team equalised:


Not the smartest bit of betting in the world and it was more trying to get in to a bit of profit and I didn’t really do my homework. So first action for the month and I’m €6 down :(

I really fancied Real Madrid tonight though and lumped €13.39 on them at odds of 2.36. This stood to profit me over €18 and I was chuffed when Ronaldo put them ahead early in the game. I was hoping to lay this around half time and ensure a profit. Marseille equalised before I got the chance to do so but I didn’t panic. I placed a lay in for Madrid to ensure a profit of €12.36 (before Betfair commission)


if Real went on to win and at 3-1 up with only a few minutes left I’m hoping I’m up around €6 for the month as opposed to being down €6 this time last night :)

mother of all comebacks?

November 11th, 2009

In the last 4 days, i won back everything i lost on the liverpool match and went past the €40 mark. I then gambled about €10 of it, lost it and placed a banker bet on John and Edward not being in the bottom two last week.

It was always my intention to do that as i believed they were one of the best supported acts. Anyway, they did end up in the bottom two so i lost my entire bank….

Bar 20c. My balance in betfair on Sunday evening was 20c. You might think 20c is nothing, but i’ve managed to turn it in to €4.20 :mrgreen:

John and Edward were about 1.1 to go when it was announced they were in the bottom two on the x factor. Last week i played a similar bet and layed against the favourite to go – i did the same this time around and layed John and Edward going with my entire 20c.

They ended up staying to my delighted which meant i profitted by €2. On Monday evening, i then placed that €2 on the liverpool / birmingham match finishing 2-2. I got odds of 2-1 with 10 minutes to go and it was 2-2 at the time, so i thought it was decent value.

The match did indeed finish 2-2 so my balance is now €4.17. A remarkably comeback from just 20c and if i can go on to get back in to profit (above €20), it’ll be the ultimate great escape…

Anyway, check out the bets i placed and lost / won over the past few days…

sean comeback 2

sean comeback 1

I had placed €4 in to betfair games before the liverpool match so that’s why my account starts off as €13.40 – really it was €17.40. I then transferred the €4 back in to my account and you can see that in the first image…

Anyway, the mother of all comebacks is now on the cards…

Closing balance is €23

November 1st, 2009

Is it enough? I only placed 2 more bets this week and my closing balance is €23. Sean had enough opportunities to come back yesterday so we’ll have to wait and see but I wouldn’t be surprised if he came back.

Here’s my 2 loosing bets since my last post:

I placed 34 cents on the Spurs – Everton game finishing 2-2. At 22/1 I thought it was worth a punt but no joy:


My next bet was on Blackburn Rovers to beat Man Utd yesterday. This was a great value bet as I got Blackburn at odds of 24/1 on Friday. Yeah I fancied United to win this game but if Blackburn score first or even if it’s nil-nil at 70 minutes I can lay this one off to guarantee profit. I tried laying it at 5.9 but it was picked up so I’m down 72 cents on this one. Blackburn are dismal at the minute but United aren’t playing well and with Giggs, Fletcher, Rio and Vidic all out this was a value bet:


So that’s me down €2 for the month but I decided to cut my loses and see if Sean could come back like I did last month. I’ve bet a lot more than I normally did just to get myself up to the €25 limit but sometimes you have to use tactics. I said before I wouldn’t bet according to what Sean did but I had to break my rules here to make it as hard for him as possible. I’ll be surprised if he didn’t gamble big to try and get back into it so he might surprise us. Fulham at 3/1 at home against a Liverpool side missing Gerrard would have been on my accumulator anyway.

Loosing day today

October 24th, 2009

I lost €1.18 today across two different football accumulators. First up was a €1 accumulator on the following teams:


I then placed a wacky 18 cent bet on about 20 teams. It would have payed me over €450 so it was worth loosing my 18 cent profit for the month so far. I’m now down €1 for the month, not a disaster but it means both myself and Sean are behind for October.

Sean has fallen way behind but it’s not over yet! I’m never one to count my chickens and we’ll have to see if he can mount a come back like I did last month.

It was always my plan to wait until Sean attacked this month again and then react to it afterwards and it’s worked out well for our monthly battle (although I’d prefer if we were both winning again). There’s a week to go though and I still have nearly €20 to bet and I’d be stupid to assume Sean isn’t going to go for it.

A balance of €20 at the end of this month ‘may’ be enough but I still hope to hit at least €30 to make it even more difficult for Sean to come back. I have another bet in place already that takes me up to having bet nearly €20. If it comes good I’ll gain €2, if it doesn’t then I’ve throwen Sean a lifeline! Check back later to see how it turns out.

Small profit today

October 4th, 2009

I got off to a loosing start today. I put 10 cents on Leyton Baines to score first and Everton to beat Stoke 1-0. At odds of 66/1, I thought it was worth a punt if Baines was on free kick or penalty duty.


Scorecasts are a bookies dream but the odds here were good enough to have a very small punt at big odds. If Baines scored I’d have laid 1-0 immediately. So I was off to a loosing start.

I didn’t want to be down money but there wasn’t much else about. I had a look about and seen Chelsea going 1-0 on 60 minutes. I expected this to be a tight game so I backed 1-0 at €2.


I then layed it to guarantee a small profit.


I got in on time as Chelsea scored soon after. So I’m up 18 cents for today.

Another loosing accumulator

September 30th, 2009

Last night in an attempt to go above the €55 mark I placed one last accumulator on PaddyPower on 3 championship teams. I backed Middlesborough, West Brom and Cardiff all at 8/11 with a €1 stake that would have netted me €4.15 profit. These teams are all going well in the league but I got it was wrong with this one:


That’s my balance down to €52.10 so I’ve doubled my money this month again.

Loosing bet

September 29th, 2009

Last Friday I mentioned that I placed another accumulator bet for the weekend that would leave me over the €100 mark if it came in. It didn’t. But loosing 37 cents wasn’t gonna kill me :)


If i’d have hit the €100 mark with a low risk like this it would have been a brilliant bet. My selections are miles out. With a balance of €53.10 I’m happy enough to concede defeat to Sean this month again. I’ve more than doubled my money and I can’t really see any value in this weeks Champions League betting so I’m pretty reluctant to blow a healthy €25 profit.

Last €1 accumulator

September 25th, 2009

I placed my last €1 accumulator for September today. It’s for tonight’s League of Ireland games (7.45 kick off) and pays just over €8 if all the teams come in. Here’s my teams:


Just as a reminder for myself, I’ve lined up another bet for the weekend today which leaves me over the €100 mark if it comes in. I’ll be blogging about this on Saturday or Sunday.

Guaranteed Profit

September 24th, 2009

Earlier today I had a quick bet there on a match I knew nothing about. I was looking at the live match updates on and I jumped on a quick change in score when the match went to 1-1. I quickly backed the draw with about 12 minutes of play left and layed it off to ensure a small profit of 55 cents. Not a massive win, but they all count and I’m trying to build my balance to attack this weekend. Small wins like this give me a bit extra to play with and ensure I hold on to at least €20 of profit for the month. Here’s the match I backed, you’ll see I was guaranteed a small profit no matter what 55 cents for the draw and 20 cents if either team won the game.


It may seem like absolute madness laying off a bet like this but by laying off I guaranteed a 10% profit on my €2 stake no matter what and over 25% profit if it stayed 1-1. Probably not the best thing in the world to be betting in markets I don’t know anything about but sometimes you have to take a gamble. This extra 52 cents (after betfair commission) may have a massive impact on my next bet over the weekend. I’ll only be placing one or two more bets this month. I now have a target of €75 in mind, so I need a 9/1 winner with a €2.50 stake. If it doesn’t come off, I still keep my €50 balance and I’ve doubled my money 2 months in a row. It doesn’t have to be one bet to reach this target. If it does come off I’ll go for one more large bet and try and hit the €90 mark. I’ve done well with accumulators this month and if I can pull one or two good bets out of the bag in the next 6 days, these targets are definitely achievable.

Worst betting day ever?

September 24th, 2009

Last night I placed a 5 team accumulator. I selected 5 premier league teams to win their Carling Cup ties. Man United, Chelsea, Everton, Spurs and Aston Villa. They all won so my accumulator bet came in at odds of 6.58. I placed €3.07 on this to leave my balance at exactly €40.


True to form I did lay some of the bet off. You’ll see below that I layed Chelsea, Man Utd and Villa. When I did this, both the United and Chelsea games were 0-0 and Villa were 1-0 up.


I’ll admit I did make some miscalculations here and threw a good bit of my profit (€7.35) down the drain. I then backed 0-0 in the United Wolves game, as with only 10 men on the pitch I thought it was worth a punt to ensure I got my money back. All in all I profited €8.92 for the night and that brings my balance to over €50 for the first time but I’m very dissapointed with my betting pattern for the evening and really should have come out with a lot nearer to the €16 that I should have profited. I was pushed for time to make my decisions to ensure profit but at the end of the day I’ve only myself to blame! However, that’s the second day in a row I’ve profited in and around the €10 mark so I can’t complain really. Yesterday, I reset my target for the month to €50. It’s now gone up to €60 and going over the €50 mark gives me a bit more profit to play with and still maintain a healthy profit for month 2.