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mother of all comebacks?

November 11th, 2009

In the last 4 days, i won back everything i lost on the liverpool match and went past the €40 mark. I then gambled about €10 of it, lost it and placed a banker bet on John and Edward not being in the bottom two last week.

It was always my intention to do that as i believed they were one of the best supported acts. Anyway, they did end up in the bottom two so i lost my entire bank….

Bar 20c. My balance in betfair on Sunday evening was 20c. You might think 20c is nothing, but i’ve managed to turn it in to €4.20 :mrgreen:

John and Edward were about 1.1 to go when it was announced they were in the bottom two on the x factor. Last week i played a similar bet and layed against the favourite to go – i did the same this time around and layed John and Edward going with my entire 20c.

They ended up staying to my delighted which meant i profitted by €2. On Monday evening, i then placed that €2 on the liverpool / birmingham match finishing 2-2. I got odds of 2-1 with 10 minutes to go and it was 2-2 at the time, so i thought it was decent value.

The match did indeed finish 2-2 so my balance is now €4.17. A remarkably comeback from just 20c and if i can go on to get back in to profit (above €20), it’ll be the ultimate great escape…

Anyway, check out the bets i placed and lost / won over the past few days…

sean comeback 2

sean comeback 1

I had placed €4 in to betfair games before the liverpool match so that’s why my account starts off as €13.40 – really it was €17.40. I then transferred the €4 back in to my account and you can see that in the first image…

Anyway, the mother of all comebacks is now on the cards…

One last bet

October 1st, 2009

I’ve said a couple of times this week that I was happy enough to finish the month with over €50. I also said during my good run of bets last week that a target of €75 was not beyond my reach. Although I’ve said that I wouldn’t be placing another bet this week, I already had a bet in place since Sunday evening. I backed a six way accumulator on betfair at odds of 8.49 with a stake of €3.10.


Before tonight’s Champions League games I have 3 teams up Man City, Sevilla and Arsenal. Tonight I was waiting on Man United, Real Madrid and Chelsea. I’ve prepared this post early today, if it comes in I might jut have snatched victory from Sean at the last minute if not my balance is €49 (not the €50 I expected before last night’s attempt to gain another €4+. I’m not sure Sean will hold off betting tonight but if he does and doesn’t win and my bet comes in I think I’ll just about bypass him. I won’t be counting my chickens though until I see what happens in tonight’s games. Chelsea, United and Real Madrid are all big favourites but that doesn’t mean anything! Even if this bet does come good, if Sean wins even €1 more than his current balance, he’ll beat me to it anyway. See the outcome below:

*** Update at around midnight:
My 6 team accumulator came good so I profited €22.06 on a €3.10 stake for a total return of €25.16. That leaves my closing balance at €74.16 for the month. That’s a total profit of €49.16 by betting only €41.44. Considering I layed off a lot of money in one night, I could have had an even better ratio than this.

I’ve passed Sean’s starting total for today but I wonder have I done enough? Sean didn’t think I stood a chance so it was a great comeback no matter what happens!

Big win shoots sean back to top

August 12th, 2009

On Monday, i lost €4.72. On Tuesday (yesterday) i lost €6. Today, up until half time in the Macedonia -v- Spain match, i’d lost another €3.90.
So in total, i’d lost a massive €14.62 in just 3 days…

Here’s how today went for me….

  • Won €2.10 on Norway -v- Scotland match
  • Lost €4 on Malta -v- Georgia match (since when have Malta started winning matches and keeping clean sheets!!!)
  • Lost €2 on Ireland -v- Australlia match

So at this stage, chips are down, i can hear Enda laughing all the way over in England and luck is seemingly against me…

Then i notice a goalflash – Macedonia take the lead against Spain after  a few minutes… i immediately stick €5 on spain without even blinking. Macedonia then go 2-0 up. Balls. Now things are really looking bleak for me….

Earlier in the night, i had made a few predictions on matches and got them right – but i never bet on them… anything i did bet on was losing and this match appeared to be heading the same way (i’d backed Spain at 1-0 down, now they were 2-0 down at half time…

I had a good look at the Spain starting 11 and knew it was a strong side they had out. At 2-0 down and my balance at real risk of dropping under the €20 mark for the first time ever, i decided to lay Macedonia with €6.

I watch both teams come out for the second half and Spain look up for it… they eventually blitz Macedonia with 3 goals in quick succession. That’s why they’re european champions.

12 aug bets

Spain go on to win 3-2 and my balance finishes the day at €33.63.

I’m back in business. I’m now no.1 again on and i’ve ended my 2 day losing streak with a big profit of €6.96 today.

12 aug balance