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Big loss last night

December 18th, 2009

Last night I lost €25 on one bet. Celtic were 3-1 down against Rapid Vienna. I lumped on Vienna in the hope of making a small profit of €1.50. Mug punter tactics that came back to bite me. I’m now down to just over €5 for my balance so it’ll be tough to mount a comeback from here. I wanted to get my balance to around €40 so I could lump on an even money in the hope to go over €80 at the last minute.

Anyway, a stupid bet has left be with slim chances to win this month. I’ll be going for a monster 20/1 accumulator now to try and take me over the €100 mark…. even though I don’t want to finish with a zero balance for the money. I can come back though.. do doubt about that!

1st day of losses

August 5th, 2009

Today, Celtic cost me €7.26. They won 2-0 away from home in europe, against all the odds…

Car accident
Creative Commons License photo credit: Matti Mattila

My plan of backing Dinamo Moscow and then laying them in play never worked out… they never looked like winning and once they went behind, Celtic were still the more threatening…

celtic dinamo moscow

So now my back was against the wall… that had effectively wiped out my entire profit to date and i wasn’t happy to leave it at that for the day!

I scrambled around looking at other matches and then i gambled big time… at one stage my balance stood at just €6.62…

By the end of all other matches, i’d won €7.20, lost €2.44, so turning a profit of €4.76. It means i lost just €2.50 today overall which i’m actually very happy about. It could have been much, much worse.

balance 5th august

The lead has been cut back by Enda, without him having to lift a finger today, but it still feels like a profit day for me as i managed to work my way out of what could have been a major loss.

I’m still in the lead, still favourite and still €4.76 in profit overall. This was my first day of losses and my 5th day of betting. It had to happen some time and i’m just glad i managed to keep the loss to a minimum…

Easy money tonight? History says yes.

August 5th, 2009

Celtic face Dinamo Moscow tonight. They’re 1-0 down and need to win in Moscow to qualify for the Champions League group stages. They haven’t won an away match in europe for 6 years. 18 attempts. Lost 17, drew 1.

amikor királyok voltunk.
Creative Commons License photo credit: tutuka

Moscow are favourites to quality but are only 2.26 (on betfair) to win the match tonight which makes them very good value in my opinion. I’m not going to give away my betting strategy on this one, but here’s what my head is thinking right now…

Dinamo Moscow beat Man Utd in the super cup last year and looked like a solid side. A couple of weeks ago they beat celtic in celtic park (no mean feat) and more than held their own. They’re also half way through their domestic season so they’re much fitter than Celtic. They don’t have a great record in europe or in their domestic league for that matter but i wouldn’t hold history against them as i’d hazard a guess this is their golden crop of talent coming through.

They’ll play for the 0-0 of course – they don’t need to win and their odds reflect that. But they will try to nick a goal on the counter and are capable of doing so against a weak Celtic side.

I’m still not confident of laying Celtic (despite their dreadful away record), but i can see this ending in a draw and with a tense finish.

Backing big on Moscow at 2.26 and laying them in-play looks like the best bet. Or, if you’re feeling lucky, the draw at 3.4 also seems good value.

We’ll see how right i get it later on tonight… maybe i’ll take my own advice above, mabe i won’t… but perhaps Enda should start listening to my words of wisdom this time around… i don’t want to leave him further behind me after tonight :mrgreen:

Could this be the day i hit the €30 mark and wrap this contest up for august? If current form is anything to go by, ‘yes’ is the answer. I’m looking for my 5th consecutive day of profit!

I also think €30 will be enough to seal victory this month. It would be a 50% ROI and i can’t see Enda topping it. So if i happen to bet and get past the €30 mark today, i’ll be battening down the hatches for a few days and letting Enda take center stage whilst i take some time to ponder my next move.