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Loosing bet

September 29th, 2009

Last Friday I mentioned that I placed another accumulator bet for the weekend that would leave me over the €100 mark if it came in. It didn’t. But loosing 37 cents wasn’t gonna kill me :)


If i’d have hit the €100 mark with a low risk like this it would have been a brilliant bet. My selections are miles out. With a balance of €53.10 I’m happy enough to concede defeat to Sean this month again. I’ve more than doubled my money and I can’t really see any value in this weeks Champions League betting so I’m pretty reluctant to blow a healthy €25 profit.

accumulator for sean

September 26th, 2009

I still have to place 2 accumulator bets before the month ends and here’s one of them;


I’ve gone for Valencia at home to Athletico Madrid which is the biggest risk of the lot… Spurs face Burnley at home which should be an easy win and you’d expect nothing less than a convincing win from Madrid at home to Tenerife.

A €1 bet will get me €2.80 back. This is also my first bet of the week. Enda has done well to get himself back in to it, but despite all his good work he’s still over €20 off the pace :mrgreen: With just 4 days left in September, it’s probably expecting too much from Enda to mount a late challenge.

Guaranteed Profit

September 24th, 2009

Earlier today I had a quick bet there on a match I knew nothing about. I was looking at the live match updates on and I jumped on a quick change in score when the match went to 1-1. I quickly backed the draw with about 12 minutes of play left and layed it off to ensure a small profit of 55 cents. Not a massive win, but they all count and I’m trying to build my balance to attack this weekend. Small wins like this give me a bit extra to play with and ensure I hold on to at least €20 of profit for the month. Here’s the match I backed, you’ll see I was guaranteed a small profit no matter what 55 cents for the draw and 20 cents if either team won the game.


It may seem like absolute madness laying off a bet like this but by laying off I guaranteed a 10% profit on my €2 stake no matter what and over 25% profit if it stayed 1-1. Probably not the best thing in the world to be betting in markets I don’t know anything about but sometimes you have to take a gamble. This extra 52 cents (after betfair commission) may have a massive impact on my next bet over the weekend. I’ll only be placing one or two more bets this month. I now have a target of €75 in mind, so I need a 9/1 winner with a €2.50 stake. If it doesn’t come off, I still keep my €50 balance and I’ve doubled my money 2 months in a row. It doesn’t have to be one bet to reach this target. If it does come off I’ll go for one more large bet and try and hit the €90 mark. I’ve done well with accumulators this month and if I can pull one or two good bets out of the bag in the next 6 days, these targets are definitely achievable.

3 Draw Accumulator

September 13th, 2009

I’ve just placed another €1 accumulator bet at odds of around 28/1. I’ve selected three draws in the following games:
Birmingham V Villa
Cardiff V Newcastle
and Fulham V Everton
* I backed Birmingham V Aston Villa in running again, PaddyPower offers in running accumulators so I got in shortly after the match kicked off.


This one is a real high risk but I need to get my bets on so I went for it. I’m over €11 up already so I can afford to drop the €1 for such a high gain. Selecting accumulators is hard work and stacking three draws in an accumulator like this is probably madness but I expect all 3 games to be pretty tight so I went for it. It would be nice if the first two came in and I had the opportunity to lay off the Everton – Fulham game. Everton might be a nice bet today with their re-shaped squad :)

Checking back in for the week

August 13th, 2009

I had my first bet of week 3 today. It’s on a football match at the weekend and I placed €2.77 on the match taken my balance to a nice even €28 if the result doesn’t go right. Again, I’ll be playing my cards close to my chest on this one. I am very keen at this stage just to stay ahead of my €20 kitty for this month but would love another few wins to take me up near the €40 mark. This is a lot easier said than done though.

Arsenal vs Hull
Creative Commons License photo credit: wonker

I see that Sean has had a couple of bad days where I took the lead for the second time and then got back on top with a couple of good days. I can’t believe he’s now bet over €200! Am I boring you? :) I also see that I’ve drawn level on our poll for the month at 8 votes each. Considering Sean has voted for himself (he was testing the poll I’m sure) and I haven’t, I’m really leading by 8 votes to 7 so thanks guys! The figures don’t lie though and I find myself in 2nd place again.

I’m not sure I’ll be betting much more than my one bet this weekend unless I’m happy that I’m set up correctly to place my bets. I have however been thinking hard about a strategy where I can make a late charge at the end of the month without risking loosing too much. As I said, I really want to stay above the €20 kitty for month one and anything else is a bonus. Check back tomorrow and I’ll let you know my reason for wanting this so badly!