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My closing balance is €49.95

August 31st, 2009

One thing I decided on early on in August was that I’d finish all bets and disclose my balance at exactly 11:59 on the 31st of the month. I’m currently still playing poker (and have been since 8pm tonight) and will update this post in 7 minutes time. Drum role please….

Update @ 00:00 – Sorry Sean, I had to have some fun there and play a few minds games. My balance is €49.95, so I’m declaring you the winner alright :)

If anyone has actually bothered to tune in tonight our posts might look a bit messy as in fair play we both wanted to post around/before 12 o’clock so that there’s no sneaky bets going in after midnight. Sean made the mistake of posting his balance at around 11pm so this gave me the opportunity to try and psyche him out with a few comments. To be honest, I was pushing in and around the €50 mark at the time and I was 99% sure he’d take the bait. Very sorry Sean, but I did have great fun tonight doing this and it would have been a very low blow if I’d bypassed you this way. You did mention mind game in your profile page at the beginning of the month so I thought I’d oblige. I was trying a Keane/Viera tunnel incident and it didn’t work for me. I came close though, but I’m glad you’ve stayed above the €50 mark and are the rightful winner. Congratulations!

Right, on to my bets for today. I nearly wasn’t going to bet at all today as I just couldn’t see anything that interested me. Like Sean, I thought Newcastle would win but I wasn’t prepared to risk my balance. I was so happy to reach the €50 mark this month that there was no way I was blowing it (unfortunately, I had a bit of trouble with the dollar/euro conversion at the betfair poker tables tonight while rushing to post at the last minute and I’ve come up 5 cents short :) I can live with that though). I had a 68 cent bet on a horse that Frankie Detorri was on earlier. Totally uneducated guesswork that didn’t pay off (as I said I didn’t see anything I fancied and I was only gambling here). This left my balance at exactly €50 and I nearly left it at that!


I then spent the rest of my day on the Betfair poker tables but couldn’t really make a move. I blew €1.95 on a $2.50+$0.25 NL Hold’em game which left me below the €50 mark and I wasn’t happy with myself. I said earlier in the month that I wouldn’t play another cash poker game but I figured it was a low risk strategy that ‘might’ get me close to Sean’s starting balance. He said earlier himself that it was hard to find bets today, so I was figuring he wouldn’t get too far past his starting balance today. The cash game worked out not too bad for me and I did hover around the €52 mark for a while at about 10.30pm tonight. I played right up to 23.58 though and here’s the screenshot to prove it.


You’ll also notice that I’ve sat through 232 hands at this stage (I’m a lightweight, so I’m shattered now). I never really took any massive risks at the poker table tonight although I was prepared to go all in with Ace/King, KK or AA to try and hit around the €55 mark (I didn’t get the cards though). I just never felt it today, and I suppose I should have ensured that I bypassed Sean with my Treble yesterday (that was a bit of an oversight).

Sean is the deserved winner! He really went for it all month long. I have been more cautious and I’m not afraid to admit; if I’d gone ahead I’d probably have stopped betting until Sean caught up. The key thing for me was to make profit and keep my discipline. I’ll not say I didn’t try to win it today but I just wasn’t prepared to risk my bankroll on the last day. Sean was, and proved it right up to the very last seconds, so you have to admire him.

I know he really wanted to win and it was mean of me to taunt him with false claims of victory but that’s sport for you! Well done Sean and let the games begin for September again!

Sean finishes august with €57.58

August 31st, 2009

I’ve been in the driving seat for the majority of the month and the past week or so has been no different. I opened up a €13+ lead over Enda and he somehow managed to get it back to under €5.

So i was forced in to betting again as i wasn’t comfortable with that lead. To cut a long story short, i ended up reducing my lead to just a couple of euro late last night.

In a bid to recover, i lost more today on womens football. At one stage my balance stood at €43.96. Today was an awful day for betting in that choice was really limited. There wasn’t much football on and all the decent tennis matches will run in to the early hours, so i couldn’t bet on them..

I picked out newcastle at 1.9 as a value bet against leicester. Stuck €13.96 on them meaning if they failed to win, my balance would go down to just €30 for the month.

At half time it was 0-0 and not looking good but i kept the faith and was rewarded. Newcastle won the match 1-0 and i didn’t lay off any money, so i profited by €12.56.

That took my balance to over €56 and just now i’m after taking my balance to €57.58 by betting on the closing stages of a tennis match.

profit august final total

So that’s me done for August. I’m not sure how Enda has done, but i’m very happy with my overall tally. I have the champagne on ice here as i await Enda’s total balance….

August 2009 – Week 4 Review – Sean

August 24th, 2009

Week 3 ended in disaster for me. I lost pretty much everything i’d earned up until then when tiger woods let me down. I said that i must turn a profit this week and that’s exactly what i’ve done. In fact, i’m almost up to the €40 mark again.

It started off with a big win of €9.94 when arsenal beat celtic. I also scooped €7.28 the same night on a Chelsea / Sunderland match. That was followed up by a big €16.62 loss when Man Utd failed to beat Burnley.

My laying has let me down in general so far and i lost a big €14.95 with another lay on a Roma match. That took my balance down to just €14.95 at one stage. However, i immediately fought back to win most of it back.

Andy Murray has helped me twice this week. I layed against him at very short odds, to profit €5 in one match and i backed Roger Federer to beat him later in the week to net me €11 profit. Late last night i also won a few euro on MLS (american soccer). Just a word on the MLS – the standard of football is shocking…. truely awful. So is the commentary.

mls 22nd aug

Anyway, i finish the week with a balance of €39.24. Here’s my stats this week;

  • Opening Balance: €21.94
  • Bet this week: €462.70
  • Current Balance: €39.24
  • Profit/Loss (week): €17.30 profit
  • Profit/Loss (month): €19.24 profit

Here were my posts;