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Early blitz continues

September 6th, 2009

Today i got home to catch the All Ireland hurling final. Hurling isn’t my thing. I don’t like watching sports where i can’t see what’s happening and that’s what you get with hurling… you can’t even see the ball :mrgreen:

Anyway, my money was on Kilkenny, but no way was i backing them pre-match. I waited until well in to the second half to move. Tipperary had just had a man sent off and that’s when i struck… put €5 on Kilkenny at 1.5.

hurling bet

Kilkenny ended up winning with a 4 point cushion, but it wasn’t easy to watch – hurling is such a fast sport that a 3 point lead is nothing really… even with a few minutes to go. Anyway, my winning run continues and i’ve profited another €2.50 today on that match.

My betfair balance now stands at €48.68 (with €5 still to be added), so Enda is getting hammered before he’s even had a chance to get going this month :mrgreen: Punishment for his mind games at the end of last month :twisted:

3rd consecutive day of profit

August 3rd, 2009

Today i put €2 on Kerry to beat Dublin at odds of 2.08 in the All Ireland quarter-final. They won the match so i profited €2.16 :mrgreen:

dublin kerry 2.08

Before kick off, i contemplated sticking €5 on Kerry to win (at odds of about 2.5) and then laying them off during the match. Looking back, obviously i’m disappointed i didn’t do that, but that would have been over 25% of my kitty risked on a single bet which at this stage (3 days in to august) would have been very risky. I must admit, i also pondered placing a €5 bet on dublin at about 1.85 and then laying them during the match… i had anticipated a tight encounter with Dublin to start strong but Kerry to fight back and take it to the wire. In the end, Kerry crushed Dublin from start to finish. So although my prediction was wrong, i bet smart during play and that’s all that matters.

I knew i was beating Enda already so i didn’t want to bet too big on this match. I waited until the match went in-play and Kerry went 1 goal and 2 points up within the first few minutes. I could tell they were in good form and their odds were gonna go down sharply from that point on – i was right. I got in on them at 2.08.

As the match unfolded, Kerry were just blitzing Dublin… i thought about laying Kerry or even backing Dublin to win (at odds of about 10-1) but i held off and i’m glad i did because kerry won the first half by 14 points which was effectively game over at half time.

So i profited €2.16 today and my balance is up to €24.83 – 3 consecutive days of profit. Steady profit. In fact today is my biggest win so far :smile:

balance 3rd august

I’ve made over €5 in 3 days and gotten a 25% ROI on my initial kitty of €20. Really, i should shut up shop now and just watch Enda clutch at straws for the rest of the month :-)

But that wouldn’t be good for this site… the site is all about gambling and betting smart so i’ll continue to bet, even if it means losing money and letting Enda get back in to it. I’m getting to the stage now though were i can afford to lose a couple of €2 bets and still not break sweat.

I see Enda is talking about 49-1 outside bets already and that’s the sort of stuff he’ll need to come good if he’s gonna beat me this month :mrgreen: