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closing balance of nil

December 1st, 2009

I ended November 2009 with a balance of €0.00. At the weekend i placed 5 x €1 footie accumulator bets but none came in. Typical. I also blew my 25c betfair balance, but that was to be expected…

So yet again, we’ve both lost money last month. Enda claims his third successive victory which means it’s 3-1 to him in the head to head monthly battles.

I’ll be changing my tactics yet again this month though in a bid to pull things back..

mission impossible

October 31st, 2009

Today is the last day in october and my last chance to mount what would be an incredible comeback.

Having lost €20 of my €25 kitty earlier in the month on a single event, i was always up against it. The rules state that i have to bet at least €5 on paddypower accumulators (5 x €1 bets) and my first 2 attempts failed.

So i had 3 x €1 accumulator bets to play with. Lose them and i’d end the month with €0.00 which would be disastrous. Immediately after i’d lose that second accumulator i placed another and WON this time.

accumulator bet win

A profit of €1.93 – i’ll take that…

So right now my balance stands at €4.93. I’ll be placing 3 x €1 accumulator bets today though and if 2 of the 3 come good i’ll be back in business. If not, i’ll be finishing the month with a balance of €1.93 which will mean i’ve LOST €23.07 this month…. the first time anyone has finished a month in the red on…

Not a record i want to have, so i’m crossing my fingers these last ditch accumulators will come good.

luck still not in

October 27th, 2009

Last weekend i placed €1 on an accumulator. I had Utd, City and Roma to win – they all failed to win so that bet went horribly wrong for me but i was glad in a way – most of my accumulator bets end up narrowly losing (i.e. 2 of my 3 teams win and the other draws).

sean accumulator lose

I’ve been pretty busy this month and following a huge loss on my first bet this month, i’ve almost thrown in the towell. I’ll be relying on small bets and big wins to get back in to it this month and with the clock against me and a poor record with small bids at big odds, i can’t see how Enda will be defeated this month…

That said, i’ll be placing some well thought out accumulator bets over the next few days…

One last bet

October 1st, 2009

I’ve said a couple of times this week that I was happy enough to finish the month with over €50. I also said during my good run of bets last week that a target of €75 was not beyond my reach. Although I’ve said that I wouldn’t be placing another bet this week, I already had a bet in place since Sunday evening. I backed a six way accumulator on betfair at odds of 8.49 with a stake of €3.10.


Before tonight’s Champions League games I have 3 teams up Man City, Sevilla and Arsenal. Tonight I was waiting on Man United, Real Madrid and Chelsea. I’ve prepared this post early today, if it comes in I might jut have snatched victory from Sean at the last minute if not my balance is €49 (not the €50 I expected before last night’s attempt to gain another €4+. I’m not sure Sean will hold off betting tonight but if he does and doesn’t win and my bet comes in I think I’ll just about bypass him. I won’t be counting my chickens though until I see what happens in tonight’s games. Chelsea, United and Real Madrid are all big favourites but that doesn’t mean anything! Even if this bet does come good, if Sean wins even €1 more than his current balance, he’ll beat me to it anyway. See the outcome below:

*** Update at around midnight:
My 6 team accumulator came good so I profited €22.06 on a €3.10 stake for a total return of €25.16. That leaves my closing balance at €74.16 for the month. That’s a total profit of €49.16 by betting only €41.44. Considering I layed off a lot of money in one night, I could have had an even better ratio than this.

I’ve passed Sean’s starting total for today but I wonder have I done enough? Sean didn’t think I stood a chance so it was a great comeback no matter what happens!

Loosing bet

September 29th, 2009

Last Friday I mentioned that I placed another accumulator bet for the weekend that would leave me over the €100 mark if it came in. It didn’t. But loosing 37 cents wasn’t gonna kill me :)


If i’d have hit the €100 mark with a low risk like this it would have been a brilliant bet. My selections are miles out. With a balance of €53.10 I’m happy enough to concede defeat to Sean this month again. I’ve more than doubled my money and I can’t really see any value in this weeks Champions League betting so I’m pretty reluctant to blow a healthy €25 profit.

accumulator for sean

September 26th, 2009

I still have to place 2 accumulator bets before the month ends and here’s one of them;


I’ve gone for Valencia at home to Athletico Madrid which is the biggest risk of the lot… Spurs face Burnley at home which should be an easy win and you’d expect nothing less than a convincing win from Madrid at home to Tenerife.

A €1 bet will get me €2.80 back. This is also my first bet of the week. Enda has done well to get himself back in to it, but despite all his good work he’s still over €20 off the pace :mrgreen: With just 4 days left in September, it’s probably expecting too much from Enda to mount a late challenge.

Last €1 accumulator

September 25th, 2009

I placed my last €1 accumulator for September today. It’s for tonight’s League of Ireland games (7.45 kick off) and pays just over €8 if all the teams come in. Here’s my teams:


Just as a reminder for myself, I’ve lined up another bet for the weekend today which leaves me over the €100 mark if it comes in. I’ll be blogging about this on Saturday or Sunday.

Worst betting day ever?

September 24th, 2009

Last night I placed a 5 team accumulator. I selected 5 premier league teams to win their Carling Cup ties. Man United, Chelsea, Everton, Spurs and Aston Villa. They all won so my accumulator bet came in at odds of 6.58. I placed €3.07 on this to leave my balance at exactly €40.


True to form I did lay some of the bet off. You’ll see below that I layed Chelsea, Man Utd and Villa. When I did this, both the United and Chelsea games were 0-0 and Villa were 1-0 up.


I’ll admit I did make some miscalculations here and threw a good bit of my profit (€7.35) down the drain. I then backed 0-0 in the United Wolves game, as with only 10 men on the pitch I thought it was worth a punt to ensure I got my money back. All in all I profited €8.92 for the night and that brings my balance to over €50 for the first time but I’m very dissapointed with my betting pattern for the evening and really should have come out with a lot nearer to the €16 that I should have profited. I was pushed for time to make my decisions to ensure profit but at the end of the day I’ve only myself to blame! However, that’s the second day in a row I’ve profited in and around the €10 mark so I can’t complain really. Yesterday, I reset my target for the month to €50. It’s now gone up to €60 and going over the €50 mark gives me a bit more profit to play with and still maintain a healthy profit for month 2.

Liverpool/Arsenal Carling Cup Double

September 22nd, 2009

This morning my balance was €33. Since we started off this month with €25 I decided to bet my €8 profit for the month this far. I looked at all tonight’s Carling Cup games and decided that the Liverpool, Arsenal double was the bet to go for. I placed the €8 bet on Betfair at combined odds of 2.43:


Leeds have an outstanding home record but I fancied Liverpool to do the business here, although it did take an og to win it for them. Arsenal also ran it tight enough, and didn’t score until 68 minutes into their game against West Brom. As soon as Arsenal went 2-0 up I immediately layed Liverpool to get back my initial stake of €8 (just incase).


I layed this at odds of 1.1 so I’ll drop 80 cents of my total profit, but I’d prefare to do this than risk Leeds scoring an injury time equaliser and end up with an €8 loss.

With my 80 cent loss on the lay and a profit of €10.87 after commission on the multiple bet, my net profit is €10.07. My balance is now €43.07 and I’ve bypassed the €40 target for the month I set myself in my weekly review a few days back.

I still have to bet €5.85 and €1 of which is a €1 accumulator bet on PaddyPower but I’m pretty happy with a total profit of €18.07 having bet €19.15 so far this month. It’s also nice to get back to winning ways after a few losses in a row. After today, I’m hoping I’ll be able to pass the €50 mark this month and double my money for the second month in a row.

September 2009 – Wk 3 Review – Enda

September 21st, 2009

Another quiet week for me with only one bet on the football over the weekend. I went for a massive 58/1 accumulator and was miles out!

I went for another 4 team accumulator yesterday and placed €1.41 on Chelsea, Everton, AC Milan and Fulham but was let down by Fulham.


So far, I’ve only bet €10.35 this month and I’m €8.00 in profit so not too bad so far. I have to admit though I’m struggling to find bets that I really like and won’t just bet on anything hence the lack of activity. I still have to bet €16.06 this month to abide by the rules and bet my full kitty. I did say on Saturday that I’d be betting again over the weekend but I didn’t bother then. I was going to go with a big double on United and Chelsea yesterday but thought that either Man City or Spurs might sneak something. What a brilliant match at Old Trafford! Probably the best game I’ve ever seen live!

I have one more €1 accumulator to place on PaddyPower and €12.65 to bet between Paddy and Betfair so I’ll need to get my bets in soon. I’m still in profit but would like to get up around the €40 mark if possible but to turn a profit for a second month running would be great. Need to get the thinking cap on over the next day or two to try and find a bit of value out there.