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Name: Sean MacEntee
Age: 22
Location: Monaghan, Ireland
Blogs at:

When it comes to betting, soccer comes first for me as it’s my favourite sport and I’m a Man Utd fan. I do keep an eye on most major sports though. You’ll see me bet on Formula 1, tennis, snooker, golf… the only sports you WON’T see me bet on are cricket and hockey or something i have no interest / knowledge about.

Unlike Enda, i probably won’t be betting much on horses, greyhounds or poker either. With a €20 monthly budget, i can’t afford to play recklessly and with high risk tactics so every bet will have to be a very carefully placed one.

I love betting ‘in play’ and that’s where i tend to excel as i can read and predict sport much easier as it’s in play as opposed to pre-game where media hype and fan’s opinions tend to pollute my train of thought.

I’ll usually bet in ‘bursts’ of maybe 5 or 6 at a time, then take a few days off. So i’ll be blogging here on every few days, telling you what i’m betting on, why and how much i’m winning / losing. Enda is confident he can win these monthly battles, but i won’t engage in his mind games ;-) Instead, i’ll focus on making profit and placing the right bets and the right time.