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I’m interested in most sports although my favourite is definately football (aka soccer). I’ll be betting on everything from football, gaelic football, hurling, horse racing, golf, reality tv, politics to name a few and I’ll also be on the betfair poker tables trying to win some cash every month!

You’ll probably see that most of my bets will be on the Premier League but I’d also like to find some value in the lower divisions, Irish League and League of Ireland. My reasons for doing this is it’s enjoyable and maybe by showing my bets on here I’ll become more disciplined and focused on trying to find good value or sure thing bets (like there’s such a thing a sure thing!!!)…

I’ll be blogging about my bets before and after I place them and I’ll track my experience of how I go about using different online betting sites. I’ll also be looking around for some good value deals around the web where I can get more value for my money or maybe even a free bet or two!

Ideally I’d like to make lots of cash on here and prove that I’m a winning gambler. My initial strategy is to take each day as it comes and try win more bets than I loose.