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September kicking off on Saturday

September 4th, 2009

Enda is busy moving over and settling in to a new job in England these days so i’m left holding the fort here until things settle down for him :smile: We’ve suspended all bets until this Saturday and the reason for that is because we were making some changes to the rules.

Here are the main changes;

  • Each player must place 5 x €1 accumulator bets every month on Each accumulator bet must be comprised of at least 3 selections.
  • Any accumulator bet placed must be blogged about on BEFORE the accumulator event takes place to prevent cheating.
  • Profits or losses from our Betfair bets & Paddypower accumulator bets are combined.

So things start to get interesting now. Both of us will have to place 5  x €1 accumulator bets every month. Whilst Enda has had some success with accumulators in the past, i’m sure he’ll agree that they’re the most difficult type of bet to pull off consistently and make profit from.

Backing 3 odds on favourite teams for example is almost betting suicide as very rarely will all 3 win. At the same time, backing 3 underdogs is even more unlikely to come in… so this will really test our knowledge and luck…

Anyway, we’ve both agreed to start September’s battle this Saturday (September 5th) at 00:00. I’ll be aiming to defend my August title and Enda will be eager to get his first win under his belt.

In other news, i had the pleasure of cashing out over €30 pure profit in to my bank account this morning from my August winnings :smile: My balance is back down to €20, so it’s up to me to repeat what  i did last month.

August 2009 Player of the Month

September 2nd, 2009

Although less than €1 seperated us in the end, i’ve still won and that’s what the record books will show. Sean is officially the August 2009 Player of the Month on

Sunset and you
Creative Commons License photo credit: titlap

Enda’s gamesmanship in the dying minutes almost worked and the thought had crossed my mind that he was bluffing when he said he was leading, but i figured he had gotten to within €5 of me so he may well have stuck €5 on someone, got lucky and passed the €60 mark.

So i had to take it at face value and hunt for bets… nothing was in play, so i turned to exchange games and ended up losing €7. I was incredibly unlucky there by the way – two losing hands in a row despite being odds on favourites to win.

But Enda couldn’t produce profit and ended up losing a bit and that ‘bit’ is what has ultimately cost him victory.

So a dramatic finish to the month which temporarily saw the €60 mark broken but in the end the winning balance is €50.58 and if i can repeat that every month, i’ll be delighted.

Having gone 1-0 up, Enda will be eager to level things in September but i’m equally as determined to punish him for his late antics this month and make it 2-0 :-)

We’ve both suspended our betting on until this weekend as we’re putting together a new / updated set of rules which will make things even more exciting.

So we’ll lose a few days in September, but we’re both happy to take a time out and we both agree it will be much more interesting and challenging this month once the rules are changed…. Fantasy Football Giveaway

August 14th, 2009

Yesterday I said that I really wanted to keep my balance above the €20 mark for this month, and here’s the reason why:


  • We’ve created a fantasy football league on and whatever balance I have left at the end of August is up for grabs.
  • To be in with a chance of winning this, just leave a comment on this post and I’ll mail you out the code to join the league over the weekend. You’re email address wont be used for anything else and wont be passed on to any 3rd parties. I just don’t want to post the league code publicly for obvious reasons.
  • If I stay on top of the league, I keep the money and if anyone else wins, including Sean then it’s winner takes all.
  • Entry is limited to one entry per person
  • So hurry on and register your team and drop me a comment here to get signed up! It’s a bit of fun and it’s free money! Entry will be closing next Saturday 22nd of August, so you have until then to get signed up. Although the deadline for entering your team to score full points for the season is 11.30am tomorrow morning.

    Sean has said that he’s interested in giving away his cash too (if he has any left :) ) but might run another competiton. I’ll let him drop a comment on here or update the post to let you know what he’s decided.

    My reason for doing this is because I was prepared to lose the money anyway so why not give something back to people who’ve been following our competition so far.

    update: Yes, Sean will be pooling his profit with Enda and giving away a cash prize to the winner of the fantasy football league!

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August 4th, 2009 now has a twitter account. You’ll find it here. twitter

Myself and Enda will both be posting to it occassionally and we’ll also be using it to inform people of site updates too. We also have a flickr account and you’ll be able to find our latest screenshots of balances, bets etc… there.

We’ve made some other changes over the past day or so too;

  • updated about page
  • changed sidebar layout
  • added profile pictures beside all posts
  • linked same pictures to our profile pages
  • pagination on homepage (makes navigating through content easier)
  • added polls to the site

The site will be an on-going work in progress. We’ll always be improving it but our main aim is to deliver content and of course earn ourselves some healthy profit!

If you want to write for or have suggestions on how to improve the site, don’t be afraid to leave us some comments or contact us directly.