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closing balance of nil

December 1st, 2009

I ended November 2009 with a balance of €0.00. At the weekend i placed 5 x €1 footie accumulator bets but none came in. Typical. I also blew my 25c betfair balance, but that was to be expected…

So yet again, we’ve both lost money last month. Enda claims his third successive victory which means it’s 3-1 to him in the head to head monthly battles.

I’ll be changing my tactics yet again this month though in a bid to pull things back..

Off to a loosing start…

November 14th, 2009

Last weekend I went for a 4 fold accumulator in the Premiership. I placed €3.72 on Arsenal to beat Wolves, Liverpool to beat Birmingham, Villa to beat Bolton and Man City to beat Burnley. Burnley grabbed a late equaliser against Man City last Saturday which crippled my bet, otherwise I would have been laying Liverpool in the last match of the 4 to guarantee profit. So I’m off to a loosing start for November and my balance now stands at €21.18. I’ll probably do the same thing as last month and risk all of this in one bet and see if Sean can mount a comeback. I know these are boring tactics but I want to make him work. I’ll be dissapointed if I loose this month again so if I can risk all of my €25 and come out unscathed hopefully I can mount a late challenge to try and get into profit again.

Have a look at tonight’s offer on PaddyPower, if nothing else it’s a bit of craic and I got a laugh at the pic below:


Sean wins, but doesn’t win enough

November 1st, 2009

I said yesterday i’d placed 3 accumulator bets.

One of them was;

  • Everton-v-Villa draw at 3.2
  • Sunderland -v- West Ham draw at 3.4
  • Real Madrid -v- Getafe (i had Madrid at 1.4)

accumulator sean win

That accumulator came in and my €1 bet returned €15.23 so a profit of €14.23. Of course it wasn’t enough to get back in to profit for the month or even beat Enda, but i was still pretty happy with my comeback…

It means i finish October with an overall balance of €17.16. Just under €6 behind Enda. Not bad, considering i could easily have ended the month with €0.00 as i’d blown my €20 betfair kitty a couple of weeks ago and all i had left to play were accumulator bets…

So in total, i’m down almost €8 in October. By coincidence, Enda also lost money in October but just €2. Having lost two months on the bounce now, that means i’m 2-1 down having taken an early 1-0 lead. If i fail to win in November, Enda will be crowned 2009 champion of so i’m determined to stop that happening.

mission impossible

October 31st, 2009

Today is the last day in october and my last chance to mount what would be an incredible comeback.

Having lost €20 of my €25 kitty earlier in the month on a single event, i was always up against it. The rules state that i have to bet at least €5 on paddypower accumulators (5 x €1 bets) and my first 2 attempts failed.

So i had 3 x €1 accumulator bets to play with. Lose them and i’d end the month with €0.00 which would be disastrous. Immediately after i’d lose that second accumulator i placed another and WON this time.

accumulator bet win

A profit of €1.93 – i’ll take that…

So right now my balance stands at €4.93. I’ll be placing 3 x €1 accumulator bets today though and if 2 of the 3 come good i’ll be back in business. If not, i’ll be finishing the month with a balance of €1.93 which will mean i’ve LOST €23.07 this month…. the first time anyone has finished a month in the red on…

Not a record i want to have, so i’m crossing my fingers these last ditch accumulators will come good.

Loosing day today

October 24th, 2009

I lost €1.18 today across two different football accumulators. First up was a €1 accumulator on the following teams:


I then placed a wacky 18 cent bet on about 20 teams. It would have payed me over €450 so it was worth loosing my 18 cent profit for the month so far. I’m now down €1 for the month, not a disaster but it means both myself and Sean are behind for October.

Sean has fallen way behind but it’s not over yet! I’m never one to count my chickens and we’ll have to see if he can mount a come back like I did last month.

It was always my plan to wait until Sean attacked this month again and then react to it afterwards and it’s worked out well for our monthly battle (although I’d prefer if we were both winning again). There’s a week to go though and I still have nearly €20 to bet and I’d be stupid to assume Sean isn’t going to go for it.

A balance of €20 at the end of this month ‘may’ be enough but I still hope to hit at least €30 to make it even more difficult for Sean to come back. I have another bet in place already that takes me up to having bet nearly €20. If it comes good I’ll gain €2, if it doesn’t then I’ve throwen Sean a lifeline! Check back later to see how it turns out.

first bet this month

October 14th, 2009

Remarkably, today is the first day this month i’ve placed a bet. I’ve placed an accumulator for tonight’s internationals.

I’ve backed Ireland, France and Romania to all win tonight. My €1 stake will return over €2 if all goes to plan.


I might also be betting in play in tonight’s matches. Last weekend i would have placed bets only i was at the Ireland / Italy match. I’d tipped a draw and under 2.5 goals but didn’t bet as other results could have massively impacted on the style of play – and did (ireland could have went in to the match needing not to lose or else they could have (and eventually did) go in guaranteed a play off place and under no pressure).

Tonight i fancy a narrow irish win mainly because Montenegro’s two big guns up front are out and Ireland will be eager to keep up their unbeaten record and take that in to this upcoming play off.

France should take care of Austria no problem and Romania should walk it against the Faroe Islands.

Small profit today

October 4th, 2009

I got off to a loosing start today. I put 10 cents on Leyton Baines to score first and Everton to beat Stoke 1-0. At odds of 66/1, I thought it was worth a punt if Baines was on free kick or penalty duty.


Scorecasts are a bookies dream but the odds here were good enough to have a very small punt at big odds. If Baines scored I’d have laid 1-0 immediately. So I was off to a loosing start.

I didn’t want to be down money but there wasn’t much else about. I had a look about and seen Chelsea going 1-0 on 60 minutes. I expected this to be a tight game so I backed 1-0 at €2.


I then layed it to guarantee a small profit.


I got in on time as Chelsea scored soon after. So I’m up 18 cents for today.

Another loosing accumulator

September 30th, 2009

Last night in an attempt to go above the €55 mark I placed one last accumulator on PaddyPower on 3 championship teams. I backed Middlesborough, West Brom and Cardiff all at 8/11 with a €1 stake that would have netted me €4.15 profit. These teams are all going well in the league but I got it was wrong with this one:


That’s my balance down to €52.10 so I’ve doubled my money this month again.

last accumulator of the month

September 29th, 2009

Today i placed my final accumulator bet on It’s on tonight’s champions league matches.

champs league accumulator

I’ve backed Arsenal, Barcelona and Inter Milan to win tonight. If they do, i’ll get over €2 back. Fail to win and i’m down €1.

Enda has already thrown in the towel this month and conceded defeat for the second month on the trot.

It means it’s 2-0 to me in the monthly head to head battles and tonight’s result doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

I’ll probably finish the month with over €70 which is an incredible tally and one that i’m gonna struggle to top next month.

dammit – accumulator kills me again!

September 27th, 2009

The only bet i placed this week was an accumulator bet yesterday. Out of the 3 teams i backed, Madrid and Spurs won easily as i’d predicted, but Valencia only drew 2-2 with Athletico Madrid, costing me my €1 stake.

Kitty Cat
Creative Commons License photo credit: stpaulirocks

So my balance now goes down to €73.91. I’m still over €20 clear of Enda with just 3 days left in September. I do still have to place another €1 accumulator with paddypower before the month ends (to comply with our own rules).

It’s unlikely i’ll be placing any more bets – i’m confident my end total of €70+ will seal victory.