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closing balance of nil

December 1st, 2009

I ended November 2009 with a balance of €0.00. At the weekend i placed 5 x €1 footie accumulator bets but none came in. Typical. I also blew my 25c betfair balance, but that was to be expected…

So yet again, we’ve both lost money last month. Enda claims his third successive victory which means it’s 3-1 to him in the head to head monthly battles.

I’ll be changing my tactics yet again this month though in a bid to pull things back..

self destruction again

November 24th, 2009

Tonight i decided to gamble my betfair bank (all €6+ of it). I’d built it up from just 20c but i needed to get back in to double figures to stand any real chance of winning this month.

So i bet big and layed liverpool for €10. I also layed stuttgart against rangers when they went 1-0 up.

sean loss

Liverpool hung on for a 1-0 victory (just about). And Stuttgart went on to grab a second, so both my bets didn’t come off and my balance is back down to 25c. So it’s looks like i’m out again.

A couple of days ago, i place a bet on Celtic beating Dundee Utd with about 20 minutes to go (it was 0-0). Celtic scored and i layed them immediately and it’s a good job i did as Dundee Utd scored 2 late goals to win. It left my balance pretty much untouched though.

I still have 5 accumulator bets to place on paddy power and i’ll leave them all until this weekend – just to keep Enda worried this month :smile:

liverpool loss

November 7th, 2009

Having built up a healthy profit over the past few days, i decided to go for it and really try to wrap things up this month.

I stuck €10 on a lay of the draw at half time in the lyon / liverpool match.

Gerrard and Torres in Bangkok
Creative Commons License photo credit: anothersaab

It finished 0-0 at half time, so i lost about €12. Eager to win it back, i backed liverpool at about 3.3 with €5 and that looked good, but lyon struck in the 90th minute to level it at 1-1 and leave me another €5 short.

So in total, liverpool cost me over €17 last night, but i could afford to lose it… my balance is down to €17 now on betfair, but i’m still pretty confident about November.

What goes up must come down, but it’s all about timing and so far i’ve finished every month relatively strongly…

luck still not in

October 27th, 2009

Last weekend i placed €1 on an accumulator. I had Utd, City and Roma to win – they all failed to win so that bet went horribly wrong for me but i was glad in a way – most of my accumulator bets end up narrowly losing (i.e. 2 of my 3 teams win and the other draws).

sean accumulator lose

I’ve been pretty busy this month and following a huge loss on my first bet this month, i’ve almost thrown in the towell. I’ll be relying on small bets and big wins to get back in to it this month and with the clock against me and a poor record with small bids at big odds, i can’t see how Enda will be defeated this month…

That said, i’ll be placing some well thought out accumulator bets over the next few days…

Loosing day today

October 24th, 2009

I lost €1.18 today across two different football accumulators. First up was a €1 accumulator on the following teams:


I then placed a wacky 18 cent bet on about 20 teams. It would have payed me over €450 so it was worth loosing my 18 cent profit for the month so far. I’m now down €1 for the month, not a disaster but it means both myself and Sean are behind for October.

Sean has fallen way behind but it’s not over yet! I’m never one to count my chickens and we’ll have to see if he can mount a come back like I did last month.

It was always my plan to wait until Sean attacked this month again and then react to it afterwards and it’s worked out well for our monthly battle (although I’d prefer if we were both winning again). There’s a week to go though and I still have nearly €20 to bet and I’d be stupid to assume Sean isn’t going to go for it.

A balance of €20 at the end of this month ‘may’ be enough but I still hope to hit at least €30 to make it even more difficult for Sean to come back. I have another bet in place already that takes me up to having bet nearly €20. If it comes good I’ll gain €2, if it doesn’t then I’ve throwen Sean a lifeline! Check back later to see how it turns out.

wiped out by brazilian grand prix

October 19th, 2009

Yesterday i bet my entire €20 betfair balance on Rosberg winning the overall qualifying session for the Brazilian grand prix. Why? Because it was tipped by a lot of professionals & racing experts that it was too dangerous to continue qualifying and that drivers would be lined up on the grid according to their best times (they’d finished session 1 and were in session 2 when this happened).

Toyota F1 car
Creative Commons License photo credit: Yuya Tamai

So Rosberg was in pole position at this point and the odds started to crash to about 1.25. The rain was pouring down, drivers were out of cars, team bosses were doing TV interviews, pundits were saying it was too dangerous to race etc… it all seemed too point to the fact that qualifying would be canceled for the rest of the day.

So i stuck €10 on rosberg at about 1.8…. i then stuck €5 on him at about 1.5 and i said to myself “well sure i may as well go all in now” and stuck the last €5 on him at about 1.3. I would have won €10 had the race been canceled which would have been a smart ’steal’ given the fact i wasn’t betting on sport – i was basically betting on weather and conditions not improving.

My money looked safe for quite some time – the safety car went out 3 times for test laps and 3 times came back and said ‘too wet’… it was looking good. The qualifying session was turning in to the longest in history and the odds kept falling.

Then a hammer blow. The gray sky began to break on the horizon and they decided to restart qualifying which i knew meant KO for me. Other drivers came close but failed to beat his time… for a few laps i thought my luck might be in but then as things drew to a close, rosberg’s time was smashed a few times.

So that’s me bankrupt on for the minute. My €20 balance has been destroyed and for the first time ever, it’s looking like one of us will finish the month in the red here on I still have 4 x €1 accumulator bets to place on paddypower so i’ll be determined to try and place smart bets there – i can’t afford to lose any more!

dammit – accumulator kills me again!

September 27th, 2009

The only bet i placed this week was an accumulator bet yesterday. Out of the 3 teams i backed, Madrid and Spurs won easily as i’d predicted, but Valencia only drew 2-2 with Athletico Madrid, costing me my €1 stake.

Kitty Cat
Creative Commons License photo credit: stpaulirocks

So my balance now goes down to €73.91. I’m still over €20 clear of Enda with just 3 days left in September. I do still have to place another €1 accumulator with paddypower before the month ends (to comply with our own rules).

It’s unlikely i’ll be placing any more bets – i’m confident my end total of €70+ will seal victory.

lost a bit last night

September 9th, 2009

It could have been another good night, but it wasn’t to be. First of all, i thought about laying Andy Murray in his match against Cilic in the US Open. I felt it was getting to the stages where he just can’t justify his odds…

I think he was about 1.09 to win or something like that. I had intended laying the crap out of him like i’d done a couple of weeks ago, but i didn’t think he’d lose the match, so that’s why i held off.

I was going out and knew i’d miss the first set or two so i felt that would be no good to me in terms of trading, so i didn’t bet and needless to say i was angry with myself.

bets sep 9th

I did bet on Ireland again though. This time, betting against them at half time. Ireland are never comfortable with a lead against ANYONE so it was worth the risk. I layed €20 against them at 1.33, meaning i’d lose over €6 if they held on to win.

They did win and i lost my money. On a sidenote, South Africa are one of the poorest host nations i’ve ever seen so i’ll probably be laying them every match they play next summer in the world cup as home advantage will probably distort their odds.

So i slipped under the €50 mark last night, but i played a bit of poker in college to win some back plus i finally got that promotional €5 credited to my account so i close the day with a balance of €56.56 on betfair (€60.73 overall).

So a loss, but nothing huge – i said i wouldn’t be taking massive risks and i’ve stuck by it. I can still afford to lose a good bit and not really get worried. For the sake of entertainment, i probably will continue to gamble but with caution. I’ll be happy just to beat last month’s total as i’m pretty sure it will be good enough to seal victory yet again for me this month!

last ditch attack from sean fails

September 1st, 2009

Having heard Enda was ahead, i made a last ditch attempt to over take him and started betting on exchange poker. Purely a percentage game – i was betting based on numbers and under severe pressure so i needed to react quicky and call cards good or bad in seconds.

I got up to over €61 at one stage but eventually dropped back to €50.58, so i finished August with €50.58, dropping €7 from just half an hour ago :smile:

Still, over €50 is quite an achievement even if it’s not enough to seal victory!

Update: it is enough to seal victory! The winner of the first battle is Sean!

Chin chin
Creative Commons License photo credit: Abi Skipp

Sean smashes €55 mark

August 26th, 2009

Last night, Liverpool went 1-0 down after about half an hour in their match so on about 37 minutes i layed the 0-1 half time score for 1.33. I stuck €5 on it, meaning i’d lose about €1.65 if another goal didn’t go in. (i wouldn’t have taken this bet on but for the fact i had an €8+ cushion over Enda).

Villa scored with the last kick of the second half to make it 0-2 and gift me €5 :-)

Gerrard and Torres in Bangkok
Creative Commons License photo credit: anothersaab

My balance stood at €54.91 which i was frustrated at. I wanted to get past the €55 mark so i had a look around and backed over 1.5 goals in the real madrid / rosenborg friendly match. Stuck €2 on it at 1.1, so i profited 20c.

However, once liverpool pulled one back, i layed against aston villa who immediately won a penalty and went 3-1 up and held on for victory, so i lost over €4 on that lay. My balance went back to €50.90. Decision time – i’d got a taste of €55 and wanted to reach it just to finish Enda off :-)

I took on another lay. Madrid were 3-0 up at half time so i layed €5 on under 4.5 goals at 3.6, meaning i’d lose €13 if this bet went wrong. It did. The match finished 4-0, so my balance was shot back down to €37.90.

Now at this stage i was really angry with myself… i’d blown an €8+ lead and fallen back €4 behind Enda. “Why didn’t i just not bet?” i asked myself. This was shooting myself in the foot…

So i took another big decision today and went back to womens football – an area where i had huge success yesterday. I stuck with the same tactics again. I layed the 0-0 half time draw in an England / Italy match and i layed the draw at half time.

England won the first half 1-0 which meant i was back in business and touching the €50 mark again :-) However, England had a woman sent off just before half time, yet they were odds on to win.

Italy were 10.5 for the win at half time, so i stuck €1 on that. Italy ended up winning the match 2-1, so i won another €6.50 (i layed some of it off after they equalised). So the end result is that i’m now sitting on a balance of €55.37. Hammer blow to Enda’s chances of victory this month.

aug 25th bets
My attacking approach has paid off again and i now have a €13.80 cushion over Enda. I’m also placing a temporary BAN on myself betting until i see evidence that Enda is mounting a comeback, just to put every ounce of pressure on Enda’s shoulders…

Have fun trying to catch up Enda :-) I’ll be watching you from the finish line :twisted: